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A New Approach to Relationship Management in the Real Estate Industry, May 2016

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2015 ASHI Award Winners, March 2016

Palm-Tech, March 2016

Test Your Knowledge, March 2016

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The Home Inspector-Real Estate Agent Relationship: Two Points of View, February 2016

New Postcards!, February 2016

ASHI Officers for 2016, January 2016

Council Elects New Directors, January 2016

Home Inspectors Can Pursue CLIPP Certification in Home Accessibility and Safety, January 2016

Vermiculite Abatement Verification Inspections, January 2016

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IW San Diego 2016—Your Top Reasons to Attend, December 2015

Schedule at a Glance for InspectionWorld® San Diego 2016, December 2015

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Complete Coverage Should Never Be Optional, November 2015

You Tell Us, Letters From Our Readers, November 2015

New Postcards!, November 2015

Safety Alert: October is National Window Covering Safety Month, October 2015

New Postcards!, October 2015

Chapters Invited to Send Representatives to ASHI’s Leadership Training Conference 2015, October 2015

USS Midway Museum, San Diego, October 2015

New Postcards!, September 2015

Chapters Invited to Send Representatives to ASHI’s Leadership Training Conference 2015, September 2015

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You Tell Us, May 2015

New Postcards!, May 2015

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ASHI Community, October 2014

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ASHI Community, August 2014

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ASHI Chapters- Changing Times and New Opportunities, July 2014

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ASHI Community, June 2014

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The ASHI School (TAS) is Sailing Into It's Sixth Year of Educating Future Home Inspectors, April 2014

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2013 ASHI Award Winners, March 2014

ASHI Community, March 2014

It's Wacky Out There, March 2014

Board Meeting Report Out, March 2014

ASHI Staff Directory, February 2014

January Chapter News, January 2014

Officers, Directors and Committees, January 2014

Postcards from the Field, January 2014

New ASHI Associates As of November 1, 2013, January 2014

InspectionWorld Register Now!, December 2013

Building Sucessful Chapters, December 2013

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Experts Comment on the Housing Market, December 2013

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ASHI Community, November 2013

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Postcards from the Field, November 2013

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Fall Seminars + Conferences, October 2013

Letters To the Editor, October 2013

Current Events, October 2013

Threat to the Home Inspection and Thermal Imaging Industry, October 2013

ASHI Community, October 2013

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Your ASHI, October 2013

Report Out and Anniversaries, September 2013

ASHI Community, September 2013

ASHI Chapter Education, September 2013

Leadership Traning Conference and InspectionWorld, September 2013

Postcards From the Field, September 2013

Vet Becomes ASHI Home Inspector , August 2013

ASHI Community, August 2013

ASHI Chapters & Education NEws, August 2013

Postcards From the Field, August 2013

Professionalism, August 2013

Take Advantage of These Special Training Opportunities, August 2013

ASHI Chapters and Education Information, July 2013

Builder Confidence Improves in May, July 2013

Did You Know?, July 2013

ASHI Community, July 2013

InspectionWorld Nashville, July 2013

Postcards from the Field, July 2013

2013 ASHI Membership Survey, June 2013

Ashi Community, June 2013

ASHI Chapters, June 2013

Your ASHI, June 2013

postcards from the field, June 2013

Government in Action, Housing Market and More, May 2013

New ACIs and Associates, May 2013

Ohio Chapter Teams up for Conference, May 2013

ASHI Membership News, May 2013

Duct tape: Next generation, May 2013

IBHIS Offers Manufactured Home Inspection Checklist, April 2013

Correction: Disposer not Disposal, April 2013

New ACIs and Associates, April 2013

HQ needs to know Council Reps' names, April 2013

Benefits of ASHI Membership, April 2013

Never that thirsty, April 2013

Beyond the Scope of the Standards , March 2013

ASHI Past-presidents Meet, March 2013

2012 ASHI Award Winners, March 2013

InspectionWorld Las Vegas Photos, March 2013

New ASHI Certified Inspectors & Associates, March 2013

Attention Chapter Leaders: HQ needs to know Council Reps’ names, March 2013

CE Audit Began in February, March 2013

The roof takes a dip, March 2013

Healthy Schools and Apartments not an Option at Code Hearings, February 2013

Congress Sends Contaminated Drywall Bill to President Obama’s Desk, February 2013

New ASHI Certified Inspectors and Associates, February 2013

Correction to the information in the January ASHI Reporter about ASHI’s new secretary, February 2013

Correction to the information in the January ASHI Reporter about ASHI’s new secretary, February 2013

Chapter News, February 2013

Your ASHI, February 2013

Sponge Bob is Working Overtime, February 2013

Issues with insulation, January 2013

News in Brief, January 2013

ASHI Officers for 2013, January 2013

Council Elects New Directors, January 2013

ASHI 2012 Committees: Thank you for Your Service, January 2013

Congratulations to New Certification Committee Members, January 2013

New ASHI Certified Inspectors and Associates, January 2013

Chapter News, January 2013

Membership News and More, January 2013

Not cool, January 2013

Natural Disasters Leave Their Mark, December 2012

New ASHI Certified Inspectors & Associates, December 2012

Chapters: Borrow, buy or rent Gold Standard banners , December 2012

What are Requests for Interpretation (RFIs)?, December 2012

Membership News and More, December 2012

Multi-Tasking, December 2012

VA Loans Surge This Year, November 2012

New ASHI Certified Inspectors and Associated, November 2012

Chapter News, November 2012

School's in Session, November 2012

Membership, ASHI Election News and More, November 2012

Shelf Life, November 2012

Lending Standards, October 2012

New ACIs and Associates, October 2012

ASHI Chapter News, October 2012

Brought to You by ASHI Education, Inc., October 2012

Be a Winner: Renew Today, October 2012

Fancy, October 2012

Protect Your Identity: Up to 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year, September 2012

Chapters Invited to Bring Three Representatives to ASHI’s Leadership Training Conference, September 2012

New ACIs and Associates, September 2012

InspectionWorld Las Vegas, September 2012

Your ASHI, September 2012

Not Even Close, September 2012

Social Media Update, August 2012

84 Metros Listed as Improving Housing Markets in July, August 2012

Building a Career While Getting a Degree, August 2012

New ACIs and Associates, August 2012

Chapter News, August 2012

ASHI Offers 10% Discount to ASHI Member Franchise Owners, August 2012

What ASHI Inspectors Find in the Field, August 2012

ASHI's Promo Off to a Fast Start, July 2012

Hurricane Safety: SBA offers webinars, July 2012

A Proven Marketing Tip for Each Day of the Week, July 2012

Congratulations, July 2012

Welcome, July 2012

Chapters: Borrow, buy or rent Gold Standard banners , July 2012

Earn Cash: Help ASHI Grow, July 2012

The duct tape solution, July 2012

Welcome, June 2012

Congratulations, June 2012

In Remembrance: James E. Lee, June 2012

Arizona ASHI Works Magic, June 2012

What's New on ASHI e-Learning?, June 2012

Selecting Sessions for IW 2013, June 2012

That’s a stretch, June 2012

Committment to the Client: The ASHI Client Bill of Rights, June 2012

In Remembrance: Don Nelson, May 2012

ICC Announces Availability of New Green Code, May 2012

Congratulations, May 2012

Welcome, May 2012

Hands on Training at North Central Ohio’s Monthly Education Class, May 2012

DOE Home Energy Score Opportunities for ASHI Members, May 2012

Beer carpentry, May 2012

The ASHI School Announces Educational Partnership With Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, May 2012

Jacques Shares Tips on Getting Media Mentions, April 2012

Rare Virus Rears Its Ugly Head, April 2012

Why ASHI Added Long-Term Care Insurance to Endorsed Member Benefit Programs, April 2012

Revisiting the ASHI Client Bill of Rights, April 2012

Congratulations, April 2012

Welcome, April 2012

A Meeting of the Minds in Ohio, April 2012

Adding metro areas to “Find an Inspector”, April 2012

Odd but efficient, April 2012

Brighter Still, March 2012

ASHI President Keeps Media Buzzing, March 2012

Best Places to Live, March 2012

New Officers and Directors Sworn In, March 2012

2011 ASHI Award Winners, March 2012

ASHI Chapter Awards, March 2012

ASHI Past-Presidents Meet at IW Phoenix, March 2012

ASHI is a Force in Washington, March 2012

Northern Colorado Chapter Educates Public About Radon, March 2012

Adding metro areas to “Find an Inspector”, March 2012

Testing All Conditions, March 2012

Congratulations, March 2012

Welcome, March 2012

New Green Code Spells out Thermal Requirement for Roof Retrofits, February 2012

EPA Says Additional Lead Paint Cleaning Rules Not Necessary, February 2012

We Want to Hear From You, February 2012

The ASHI School Spans the Globe, February 2012

New ASHI Member Benefits, February 2012

Results From the Quick Poll, February 2012

ASHI Committee Goals for 2012, February 2012

Congratulations, February 2012

Welcome, February 2012

Southern New England Chapter Keeps the Pedal to the Metal, February 2012

Announcing New Member Benefits, February 2012

Double yuck, February 2012

HouseLogic Poll Finds Voters Driven by Jobs, Housing in 2012 Election, January 2012

Join the Discussion: Is This a Good Idea for an Article in the ASHI Reporter?, January 2012

ASHI Officers for 2012, January 2012

Council Elects New Directors, January 2012

Congratulations, January 2012

Welcome, January 2012

Labell Represents ASHI at Rebuilding Together Conference, January 2012

Stay in the Loop, January 2012

Yuck, January 2012

Thank You 2011 Committee Members, January 2012

Congratulations to New Certification Committee Members, January 2012

LEEDing with Ventilation for Healthier Homes, December 2011

ASHI President Speaks at AARST/CPCD Radon Conference, December 2011

Rebuilding Together Kicks Off Tradesperson of the Year, December 2011

Sponsoring a Table at a Real Estate Office Awards Program, December 2011

ASHI Education News: The ASHI School, December 2011

Congratulations, December 2011

Welcome, December 2011

2011 Leadership Training Conference, December 2011

Grace Period Extended, December 2011

Tile-aid, December 2011

EPA Updates Lead-Safe Certification Program , November 2011

Congratulations, November 2011

Welcome, November 2011

Go-ASHI Participate in Peer Review, November 2011

Keep Your Name on “Find an “Inspector”, November 2011

Beer support system I, November 2011

5,000 Kids a Year Hurt in Falls from Windows, October 2011

In Memorium: ASHI President Remembers John Geiger, October 2011

Results from the Quick Poll, October 2011

ASHI Member Wears Building Official Hat Following East Coast Storm, October 2011

Congratulations, October 2011

Welcome, October 2011

No Fault Found With Golden Gate ASHI’s Tour of Seismic Upgrade , October 2011

Three Win Full Registration to IW Phoenix, October 2011

Be prepared (to blow up the house), October 2011

Housing Market, September 2011

Book Review: Carson Dunlop's Technical Reference Guide, September 2011

Smart Track: New Look, New Access, Same Excellent Educational Content, September 2011

Congratulations, September 2011

Welcome, September 2011

Graduates of The ASHI School Become ASHI Associates, September 2011

Renew Now, September 2011

Bringing sexy back ... to dryer lint, September 2011

Bite must be right , August 2011

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), August 2011

Maintaining and Interpreting the ASHI Standards, August 2011

ASHI Education News, August 2011

Congratulations, August 2011

Welcome, August 2011

NOVA ASHI Works With Chapter Consulting Team Chairperson, August 2011

Renew Now: Win Free IW Registration?, August 2011

Curl Your Hair, August 2011

Fish Where & When the Fish are Biting, July 2011

Staying True to the Code of Ethics, July 2011

Congratulations, July 2011

Welcome, July 2011

Pittsburgh Recognizes PRO-ASHI’s Work With Rebuilding Together , July 2011

Renew to Compete for Free IW Registration, July 2011

Shower shock, July 2011

Too Hot Article Earns Praise, June 2011

Credentials Prepare Professionals for Economic Improvement, June 2011

Welcome, June 2011

Congratulations, June 2011

Great Lakes Spring Seminar and Peer Review, June 2011

Call for Nominations for 2012 ASHI Officers and Directors, June 2011

Time to Mow, June 2011

ASHI Leaders Attend EPA Conference, June 2011

ASHI Education News , May 2011

Congratulations, May 2011

Welcome, May 2011

Members Earn Special Designation in North Carolina, May 2011

Call for Nominations for 2012 Officers and Directors, May 2011

March Madness, May 2011

Housing Components, April 2011

Listening, Learning & More at IW Atlanta, April 2011

Congratulations, April 2011

Welcome, April 2011

NY Metro Honors Award-Winning Members, April 2011

In Memorium: William Mason and Frank Falcone, April 2011

CE Hours Audit is Completed, April 2011

Wait a minute ..., April 2011

From Sleeper to Shaker, March 2011

Inspecting Older Houses, March 2011

Support AFCI Safety, March 2011

2010 ASHI Award Winners, March 2011

ASHI Past-Presidents Meet at InspectionWorld, March 2011

InspectionWorld Atlanta Photos and Session Recordings Available, March 2011

Congratulations, March 2011

Welcome, March 2011

To Disclose or Not to Disclose, March 2011

Voluntary Standards Accepted and Available, March 2011

Hedging on the chimney, March 2011

From our Readers, February 2011

Blog Early and Often, February 2011

Congratulations, February 2011

Welcome, February 2011

Keystone Chapter Credits The ASHI School for Best Ever Seminar, February 2011

Ethics Questions Asked and Answered, February 2011

Your ASHI Membership: Are You Getting Full Value?, February 2011

Location, location, location, February 2011

ASHI FYI, January 2011

History Revisited, January 2011

Environmental: Energy, January 2011

ASHI Officers for 2011, January 2011

Congratulations, January 2011

Welcome, January 2011

Council Elects New Directors, January 2011

Membership News, January 2011

Power play, January 2011

DOE and EPA Release 2011 Annual Fuel Economy Guide and Propose Truck Standards, December 2010

Free Online Education for ASHI Membership, December 2010

ASHI Code of Ethics, December 2010

ASHI Leaders Sign up 25 New Canadian Members, December 2010

Congratulations, December 2010

Welcome, December 2010

70 Attend New England Chapter Seminar in Salem, December 2010

The Vote is On, December 2010

Congratulations on Renewing your ASHI Membership , December 2010

Flammable schlammable, December 2010

Objects to Marijuana in the Mailbox, November 2010

Environmental: Air Quality, November 2010

Congratulations, November 2010

Welcome, November 2010

Have You Joined an ASHI Chapter?, November 2010

Leadership Opportunities, November 2010

Move over, MacGyver, November 2010

Ohio loses longtime member, October 2010

Client Resources and More, October 2010

Congratulations, October 2010

Welcome, October 2010

Free Online Education for ASHI Membership , October 2010

Bylaws, Auxiliary Standards and New Leaders: All on the Ballot, October 2010

They Renewed and They Won, October 2010

Ribbit, October 2010

Offset Chimney OK with this Inspector, September 2010

Interesting Links and Books, September 2010

ASHI Offers FREE Online Education to Membershhip, September 2010

Congratulations, September 2010

Welcome, September 2010

Vote, Vote and Vote Again, September 2010

July 24, 2010 ASHI Board of Directors Meeting Report Out, September 2010

Chapter basics: A Checklist from the Chapter Relations Committee, September 2010

Upgrade, September 2010

Two task forces and a committee provide board meeting highlights, September 2010

Member corrects, author concurs, August 2010

It’s a flashlight? It’s a camera? Yes, it’s both, August 2010

ASHI Offers Free Online Technical Education to Membership, August 2010

Half of all Code of Ethics Questions Relate to Relationships With Realty Agents, August 2010

Nominate Your Peers for ASHI Awards, August 2010

Congratulations, August 2010

Welcome, August 2010

Central PA energized by 3rd annual conference, August 2010

Confused, August 2010

Early renewers compete for free IW, August 2010

Authoritative sources on attic ventilation, July 2010

Tax Credit for Small Business Owners, July 2010

In Remembrance: Tom Byrne, Jim Farmer and Don Dean, July 2010

Award Nominations Open, July 2010

Congratulations, July 2010

Welcome, July 2010

Survey Shapes 2010 Leader Conference, July 2010

Illegal, July 2010

Early renewers compete for free IW, July 2010

The rule is the law, June 2010

The Benefits of ASHI Membership: Learn. Earn. Succeed., June 2010

Bylaw Votes Misses Required Supermajority, June 2010

Congratulations, June 2010

Welcome, June 2010

Focus on Standards, June 2010

Standing Room Only at Ohio Joint Venture Conference, June 2010

House guests, June 2010

ASHI Board approves program for multi-inspector companies and more, June 2010

HUD and CPSC Recommend Removing Problem Drywall and Replacing Components, May 2010

ICC Green Construction Code and EPA Lead Regulations, May 2010

Are You Interested in Performing Disaster Inspections?, May 2010

Congratulations, May 2010

Welcome, May 2010

Small Gifts for Agents and Booking Service, May 2010

Both?, May 2010

Bylaw Vote Closed April 19, May 2010

May is Deck Safety Month: Resources for You and Your Clients, April 2010

Celebrate ASHI's Anniversary in April, April 2010

Members Vote on Proposed Changes to ASHI Governance, April 2010

Congratulations, April 2010

Welcome, April 2010

New Testing System Featured at Coastal Connecticut Meeting, April 2010

Hot house, April 2010

Nomination Committees members named: Governance Bylaw ballots mailed , April 2010

Welcome Directors, Officers and President for 2010, March 2010

2009 Award Winners Recognized for Outstanding Service, March 2010

Chapters Earn Recognition for Enterprise and Growth, March 2010

InspectionWorld Las Vegas: Recap and Photos, March 2010

ASHI Past-Presidents Gather at InspectionWorld, March 2010

January 2010 Report Out, March 2010

Congratulations, March 2010

Welcome, March 2010

Quite a doorstop, March 2010

New ASHI President is a Blogger, March 2010

ASHI 2009 Committees: Thank you for Your Service, February 2010

Congratulations, February 2010

Welcome, February 2010

Network Marketing Organizations, February 2010

St. Louis Chapter Donates & Educates, February 2010

Certification Committee members approved, February 2010

Shifty, February 2010

ASHI Officers for 2010, January 2010

Council Elects New Directors, January 2010

New for You, January 2010

Congratulations, January 2010

Welcome, January 2010

20th Year: Another Success for NY Metro Annual Seminar, January 2010

By the book, January 2010

ASHI alerts members to drywall breaking news, January 2010

Leadership Training Conference Highlights, December 2009

1.5 times the crazy, December 2009

ASHI President Delivers Keynote (and more) in Iowa, December 2009

More from Washington: What Your Clients May Want to Know About Recovery Act, December 2009

Official notice of Annual Business Meeting, December 2009

Congratulations, December 2009

Welcome, December 2009

Kelsey wins at Leadership Conference , December 2009

Chinese Drywall Study to be Released, November 2009

ASHI Speaks Up, November 2009

IBHS Ike Study: Hurricane Storm Surge a Threat to More Coastal Communities, November 2009

Call for Volunteers, November 2009

Congratulations, November 2009

Welcome, November 2009

New England 5th Annual Conference Best Ever, November 2009

Bottled Water, November 2009

Keep Those Renewals Coming, November 2009

The ASHI Seal of Approval, October 2009

Code-related topics are out of bounds, October 2009

Is there an upswing in government-financed mortgage policy?, October 2009

Is True Certification Here?, October 2009

Congratulations, October 2009

Welcome, October 2009

Meet the 2009 Committee Chairs, October 2009

NICASHI Offers On Location New Construction Education, October 2009

Shockingly clean, October 2009

Congratulations to Early Renewal Drawing winners, October 2009

Meet the 2009 Committee Chairs, September 2009

ASHI Bylaw Certification Committee Vote Under Way, September 2009

Congratulations, September 2009

Welcome, September 2009

Coastal Connecticut Chapter Members Take a Field Trip, September 2009

Tippy toilet, September 2009

Renew now to ensure continuation of benefits, September 2009

Poltical topics toxic?, August 2009

Code Question Asked and Answered in 12 Hours, August 2009

Meet the 2009 Committee Chairs, August 2009

Who Should Lead ASHI in 2010?, August 2009

Congratulations, August 2009

Welcome, August 2009

ASHI Leadership Training Conference 2009, August 2009

St. Louis Chapter Holds Peer Review Home Inspection, August 2009

You say potato, I say gas line cap, August 2009

New chair for Education Committee, August 2009

The Mays Move Beyond Mold, July 2009

Remodelers Cope With New Lead Paint Safety Rule, July 2009

Link to Corrosion, Health Problems Elusive, but Federal Chinese Drywall Sampling Protocol May Be Near, July 2009

Award Nominations Open, July 2009

Congratulations, July 2009

Welcome, July 2009

Online Technical Education Free to ASHI Membership, July 2009

Southern New Jersey Seminar Success, July 2009

Bright Idea, July 2009

ASHI’s Board of Directors Meets This Month, July 2009

Would You Like to be Published?, July 2009

Creepy Crawls in Denver, June 2009

Meet the 2009 Committee Chairs, June 2009

2010 ASHI Officers, June 2009

Congratulations, June 2009

Welcome, June 2009

Pitching for Arizona, June 2009

Old-growth Enlightenment, June 2009

Nominating Committees for 2010 Announced, June 2009

Short a Few Circuits? Not Really, June 2009

A Differing Political Opinion , May 2009

ASHI Loses Long-Time Active Member, May 2009

Who is ASHI's Man in D.C.?, May 2009

ICC and Cengage Learning Launch Online Resource for Green Building, May 2009

ASHI Enters Into Healthy Homes Agreement, May 2009

Congratulations, May 2009

Welcome, May 2009

Meet the 2009 Committee Chairs, May 2009

Central New York Chapter Honors Gregg Harwood, May 2009

Busman’s Holiday, May 2009

Leaders Met in April, May 2009

Chapter Consulting Program: A Hand up for Struggling Chapters, May 2009

Results from the ASHI/NAHI Survey, May 2009

There's Always More to Know About Commercial Property Inspection, April 2009

Welcome to the 2009 Committee Chairs, Board and Staff Liaisons, April 2009

Congratulations, April 2009

Welcome, April 2009

New ASHI-Endorsed Membership Benefit Program, April 2009

ASHI Chapter Resources Online, April 2009

It’s Award Time in New England, April 2009

Blasted, April 2009

Key provisions of the Stimulus Package impacting home inspectors, April 2009

Disagrees with Swandby about past presidents , March 2009

Stimulus Bill requires states to update energy codes, March 2009

Download Safety tips from nfpa.org to share with clients, March 2009

"It Ain't Your Daddy's ASHI", March 2009

ASHI Annual Awards, March 2009

Congratulations, March 2009

Welcome, March 2009

Did You Know ASHI Offers FREE Online Education?, March 2009

January 21, 2009, ASHI Board of Directors Meeting Report Out, March 2009

Pray it goes away, March 2009

Membership Renewal Tops Last Year, March 2009

ASHI Past Presidents Have 347+ Years of Inspection Experience, March 2009

New ASHI Home Page for 2009, February 2009

Affiliate Gold Members Support ASHI, February 2009

Disaster Inspections, February 2009

Prevent Roof Collapse, February 2009

The ASHI Chapter Consulting Program, February 2009

ASHI Retired Members: A Continued Allegiance, February 2009

Congratulatons, February 2009

Welcome, February 2009

Thank You 2008 Committee Chairs and Members, February 2009

North Carolina Takes Pride in Past & Present , February 2009

Inlet?, February 2009

Successful Membership Renewal Drive, February 2009

ASHI Officers for 2009, January 2009

Council Elects 2009 Directors, January 2009

Official notice of ASHI Annual Business Meeting, January 2009

Congratulations, January 2009

Welcome, January 2009

SNEC Raises $16,000 for public television , January 2009

Trapped again, January 2009

Directors Assist with Renewal , January 2009

Get ready for National Radon Action Month, December 2008

Inspector Power Needed, December 2008

Explore our national parks with eNature’s ParkGuides, December 2008

While at InspectionWorld, Visit Stormstruck, December 2008

Accepting Suggested Changes to SOP, December 2008

Official Notice of Annual Business Meeting, December 2008

Congratulations, December 2008

Welcome, December 2008

NIC-ASHI Answers Call for Help, December 2008

Attendees Laud Leadership Training Conference Experience, December 2008

D.I.Y. duct, December 2008

Dues Renewal Grace Period ends, December 2008

ASHI Needs Your Input!, December 2008

Are automatic fire sprinklers coming to a home near you?, November 2008

Online Education FREE to ASHI Membership, November 2008

ASHI Member Recommends “EcoDriving” National Fuel Use/CO2 Reduction Program, November 2008

ASHI Certified Members to Elect Officers for 2009, November 2008

Congratulations, November 2008

Welcome, November 2008

NY Metro Chapter Delivers Two-Day Education Program, November 2008

Crank it up, November 2008

Have you renewed your membership?, November 2008

Join CPSC in Delivering a Timely Message, October 2008

Lofty Goals, Down-to-Earth Views , October 2008

ASHI Members at StormStruck, October 2008

He Could Have Learned Inspections at Grandfather's Knee, October 2008

Nominating Committees Met in September, October 2008

Congratulations, October 2008

Welcome, October 2008

There's No Place Like Throne?, October 2008

And the Early Renewal Drawing Winners are ..., October 2008

Online Education Free to ASHI Membership, October 2008

Safety Glazing – ICC Provides Interpretation for Cabinets and Leaded Glass, September 2008

Where Do All Those Recycled Grocery Bags Go? , September 2008

FAQs on the ASHI Continuing Education Program, September 2008

Nominating Committees Slate Candidates, September 2008

Congratulations, September 2008

Welcome, September 2008

Arizona ASHI Introduces 900 Realtors® to New Client Bill of Rights, September 2008

But it’s freshly painted, September 2008

ASHI Board of Directors Chooses NHighlights from the Board of Directors meeting included an even-greater-than-previous commitment to delivering the ASHI message to consumers and real estate practition, September 2008

More on Inspecting With Infrared Cameras from an Experienced Thermographer, August 2008

ASHI Makes Connections with Property Advisor and IAIQ, August 2008

Award Nominations, August 2008

Congratulations, August 2008

Welcome, August 2008

Early Membership Renewal Drawing Prizes, August 2008

Interesting Combo, August 2008

New Orleans is the site for 2008 Leadership Training Conference, August 2008

There's Always More to Say About Decks, July 2008

Disastersafety.org offers resources for professionals and the public, July 2008

NAHB & ICC: A Green Team, July 2008

Award Nominations, July 2008

Congratulations, July 2008

Welcome, July 2008

Online Education Free to ASHI Membership, July 2008

New England Chapter Studies at Fuel Oil Institute, July 2008

ASHI Ethics Roundtable Designed for ASHI Chapters, July 2008

Toad noted at ridge vent, July 2008

Welcome ASHI's new director, July 2008

E & O Insurance, June 2008

ICC Provides Answers , June 2008

This Old House Builds New Prefab Timberframe Home, June 2008

Rebuilding Together Seeks Home Inspector Volunteers, June 2008

Call for Nominations for 2008 Officers and Directors, June 2008

Congratulations, June 2008

Welcome, June 2008

St. Louis Chapter's Peer Review, June 2008

ASHI Ethics Program Designed for ASHI Chapters, June 2008

Mystery solved, June 2008

Leadership Training Conference, June 2008

Kudos to Syracuse Inspector , May 2008

Garage Door Inspection Video Created for Home Inspectors, May 2008

World’s First LEED Platinum-Certified Remodeled Home has “Green” Water Treatment Systems, May 2008

Call for Nominations for 2008 Officers and Directors, May 2008

Congratulations, May 2008

Welcome, May 2008

Online Education Free to ASHI Membership, May 2008

Southwest Florida ASHI Chapter Combines Learning and Hospitality, May 2008

All the modern conveniences?, May 2008

Nomination Committees Set, May 2008

Simpson Strong-Tie Offers Free Technical Literature and More, April 2008

Disaster Inspection Resources on HomeInspector.org?, April 2008

10 Things You Should Know About ASHI, April 2008

Call for Nominations for 2008 Officers and Directors, April 2008

Congratulations!, April 2008

Welcome New Associates, April 2008

Online Education Free to ASHI Membership, April 2008

East Tennessee ASHI Hosts Successful Educational Event, April 2008

A Flue Pipe Short of a Full Deck, April 2008

ASHI welcomes new executive director , April 2008

Comment about "Common Defects", March 2008

New English/Spanish Book: My Home, Mi Casa, March 2008

Brion Grant Sworn in as 2008 ASHI President, March 2008

ASHI Annual Awards, March 2008

Congratulations to Award-Winning Chapters, March 2008

Call for Presentations, March 2008

Congratulations, March 2008

Welcome, March 2008

Frank Lesh's California Visit, March 2008

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Officer Elections Concluded Dec. 5, January 2008

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CertainTeed CoolStar™ Roofing Products Help Reduce Energy Costs and Keep Buildings Cooler, December 2007

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Welcome, October 2007

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ASHI Launches New Partnership With eppraisal.com, August 2007

SCORE Adds New Online Resources for Entrepreneurs, August 2007

Nominations Close August 15 for ASHI Officers and Directors, August 2007

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Welcome, August 2007

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Norman comments on May issue, July 2007

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Internet crime? The latest numbers, June 2007

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Twenty-four NOVA Members WOW Home Show Attendees, June 2007

Folded like a deck of cards, June 2007

ASHI Board approves new Chapter Outreach Program, June 2007

Developed in partnership with EPA, May 2007

A new development in corrosion protection for structural connectors, May 2007

Call for Nominations for 2008 Officers & Directors, May 2007

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Would You Like to Test Your Home Inspection Knowledge...For FREE?, May 2007

Central New York Chapter Members and Lobbist Travel to State Capitol, May 2007

Seriously crazy, May 2007

Board met in April, May 2007

Maytag recalls 2 million dishwashers due to fire hazard, April 2007

2007 Building Safety Week theme: Building smarter…for disasters and everyday life, April 2007

Call for Nominations for 2008 Officers & Directors, April 2007

New ASHI Certified Inspectors, April 2007

New ASHI Associates, April 2007

ASHI 2007 Committee Chairs, April 2007

Great Lakes Shares Peer Review Program with North Carolina, April 2007

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View President’s Monthly Podcast, April 2007

2007 ASHI Officers Take Oath at InspectionWorld, March 2007

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ASHI Past-Presidents Gather at InspectionWorld, March 2007

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Members Approve New Membership Category Names & New Categories, March 2007

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Welcome, March 2007

ASHI Certified Inspectors: Sign up to be a Parallel Inspection Guide, March 2007

Partnering in Education? A Workable Concept!, March 2007

Camouflaged chimney, March 2007

Contact the 2007 ASHI officers, directors and committee members, March 2007

CPSC Offers Free Posters & E-Mail Notification of Recalls, February 2007

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Members Vote on ASHI Bylaw Changes, February 2007

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ASHI Members Elect Officers for 2007, January 2007

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Members to Vote on Bylaw Changes, January 2007

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ASHI RFIs Now Online and Searchable, January 2007

MAC-ASHI Rewards Success and Leads by Example, January 2007

Pole Outlet, January 2007

Karen L. Davis at ASHI’s front desk, January 2007

Wisconsin Focuses on Energy, December 2006

NEMA Offers Opportunity Exclusively to ASHI's Membership, December 2006

Residential Wood Deck and Balcony Inspection Manual Available, December 2006

Congress Offers Best Bet for Small Businesses Seeking Health Insurance Plans, December 2006

Board of Directors Conducts Business and Plans for Next Year, December 2006

New Spanish Language Area on Web Site, December 2006

Welcome New Members, December 2006

Welcome New Candidates, December 2006

Chapter Leadership Days Draws Record-Setting Attendance, December 2006

Great Lakes Chapter Builds Bridges Across the Pond, December 2006

Through the Chimney, December 2006

Voting Closed December 5, December 2006

2006 Visual Interpretation of the International Residential Code Now Available, November 2006

Watch-Out: More Small Business Tax Audits by IRS on Tap, November 2006

Officer & Director Slates for 2007, November 2006

Welcome New Members, November 2006

Welcome New Candidates, November 2006

Firefighting Academy Workshop, November 2006

On the Road With ASHI, November 2006

More car parts, November 2006

Dues renewal deadline passes, November 2006

Real estate’s September report card, October 2006

Officer Nomination Committee Announces Slate, October 2006

Welcome New Members, October 2006

Welcome New Candidates, October 2006

Rebuilding Together Taps ASHI form More Than Pounding Nails, October 2006

Roomy, October 2006

Bylaw Amendment Vote Halted, October 2006

New Appliance Makes an Appearance, September 2006

Straight Talk for Consumers and Real Estate Practitioners, September 2006

Act Now: Nominations Close September 30, September 2006

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Central New York Chapter Members Share Their Expertise, September 2006

Flue Fluke, September 2006

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Norm Sage Remembered, August 2006

Who doesn’t want to know their flood risk? (and what to do about it) , August 2006

Call for Nominations, August 2006

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Chapter resources are just a click away on www.ASHI.org, August 2006

Illinois Requires Carbon Monoxide Alarms, July 2006

4 Years of Reporters Online and Searchable, July 2006

Chapter Leadership Days 2006, July 2006

The John Cox Behind the Award, July 2006

Welcome New Members, July 2006

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New Benefit of Membership: Chamber Partnership Gets Immediate Stamp of Approval, July 2006

ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award for Participation at InspectionWorld, July 2006

It worked for a while, July 2006

Chapter discussion boards now available , July 2006

Founder Speaks, July 2006

It’s confirmed: Cell Phone Use While Driving Can be Dangerous, June 2006

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Price Honored by New England ASHI, June 2006

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Handbook Predicts Outlook for Home Inspectors, May 2006

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ASHI Standards & Code Now One, May 2006

ASHI Committees Meet in Chicago, May 2006

Central NY Recognizes Outstanding Leaders, May 2006

Storage Problem, May 2006

Council Reps Elect Nominating Committees, May 2006

Don't Toss That Old Cell Phone, April 2006

ASHI — Celebrating 30 Years of Experience Representing Home Inspectors, April 2006

ASHI Charter Members, April 2006

NCHIA — The Coalition in Review, April 2006

Call for Nominations for 2007 Officers and Directors, April 2006

Service to NY Metro Chapter Spans Generations, April 2006

Classic Plumbing, April 2006

Candidates return to Find an Inspector on ASHI.org, April 2006

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Welcome New Candidates, April 2006

InspectionWorld Attendance, March 2006

Obituary, March 2006

ASHI and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Form Small Business Alliance, March 2006

Fact or Fiction: You Tell Us, March 2006

Inaugural PAC Reception a Success, March 2006

Welcome New Members, March 2006

Welcome New Candidates, March 2006

Committees Work Together to Achieve ASHI's Goals, March 2006

ASHI Featured at Pillar to Post Conference, March 2006

Canadian Association Recognizes Gibson, March 2006

Details, Details, March 2006

Board Addresses Candidates, Standards and Other Issues, March 2006

Welcome New Members, February 2006

Welcome New Candidates, February 2006

Media Smarts, February 2006

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Membership Renewal Credit (MRC) Update, February 2006

Watch Your Step, January 2006

2006 ASHI Officers, January 2006

Council Elects 2006 ASHI Directors, January 2006

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Arizona Chapter Receives Honor from Governor, January 2006

How do you want that steak?, January 2006

InspectionWorld Extras, January 2006

ASHI Exhibits at NAR® Expo, December 2005

Delivery Drivers Appeal to Home Inspectors: Please Don't Overlook House Numbers, December 2005

ASHI Inspectors Invited to Conduct Disaster Inspections, December 2005

Welcome New Members as of Oct. 1, 2005, December 2005

Welcome New Candidates as of Oct. 1, 2005, December 2005

Central Virginia and Hampton Roads Join Forces, December 2005

ASHI Elects Leaders for 2006, December 2005

Plan Now for February and March , December 2005

Chapter Leadership Days 2006, December 2005

Got Oil?, December 2005

HUD PIH-REAC Offers Business Opportunities to Inspectors, November 2005

Warning--Beware of Hazards in Disaster Areas, November 2005

We Speak House, and We Just Turned Up the Volume, November 2005

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Dartman Attracts Maryland Realtors to Greater Baltimore & MAC-ASHI Booth, November 2005

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Online Real Estate Advertising Explodes on the Scene, October 2005

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ASHI Membership renews at a steady pace , October 2005

More on Moisture Control, September 2005

Small Business and Health Care, September 2005

Welcome New Members, September 2005

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Award Nominations, September 2005

Growth in the real estate market, September 2005

Lower Dues, September 2005

Chapter Leaders: You're Invited, August 2005

Welcome New Members, August 2005

Welcome New Candidates, August 2005

Honor Your Peers: Award Nominations Due Sept. 30, August 2005

Great Lakes and Indianapolis Chapters Team Up, August 2005

Salty Sump Pump, August 2005

Membership tops 6,000, August 2005

BHG Shares Positive Opinion with Thousands, July 2005

Home Inspectors Needed for Exam Board, July 2005

ASHI Standards of Practice Now Available in Spanish, July 2005

The 2005 ASHI Business Operations Study Will Have the Answers, July 2005

Welcome New Members, July 2005

Welcome New Candidates, July 2005

Chapter Leadership Days 2005, July 2005

20 Years Ago in the ASHI Reporter, July 2005

A Real Recipe for Disaster, July 2005

Standards and Code Available in Spanish, July 2005

Retired Now Listed, June 2005

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The Power of One (Candidate), June 2005

Yikes, June 2005

Two New E-Newsletters, June 2005

Friendly Competitors, May 2005

Call for Nominations, May 2005

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Welcome New Candidates, May 2005

CICASHI's excellent advertising adventure, May 2005

Gutter goof, May 2005

Chapters eligible to receive $$$$ and media services, May 2005

How to Set Your Metro Search Area on ASHI.org, April 2005

New Jersey finds Federal Pacific (FPE) Guilty of Consumer Fraud, April 2005

InspectionWorld Austin Highlights, April 2005

ASHI Committees Meet in Chicago, April 2005

Call for Nominations, April 2005

Welcome New Members, April 2005

Welcome New Candidates, April 2005

Northern Illinois' Teaching Tool, April 2005

Waterfall, April 2005

Norman addresses ethics at ARELLO , April 2005

27 Years Ago in the ASHI Reporter, March 2005

ASHI Program Could Help Those Caught in Scam, March 2005

Recap of Board's actions available, March 2005

HUD Publishes "Preserving America", March 2005

Call for Presentations for InspectionWorld 2006, March 2005

Welcome New Members, March 2005

Welcome New Candidates, March 2005

Northern Illinois & North Central Ohio Take Home Chapter Awards at InspectionWorld Austin, March 2005

ASHI Annual Awards Presented at InspectionWorld Austin, March 2005

Committees Complete First Year With New Strategic Plan, March 2005

What a Drip, March 2005

Electing the Nominating Committee, March 2005

Member's Passion for Christmas Lighting Turns Into a Chapter-Assisted Charitable Event, February 2005

Frosty Freeze, February 2005

Chapters Can Apply for The ASHI Experience Funds Plus a Special Project Bonus, February 2005

Welcome New Members, February 2005

Welcome New Members, February 2005

A Member's Take on Branding, January 2005

Conley Recommends "Secrets of the Happy Home Inspector", January 2005

2005 ASHI Officers, January 2005

New 2005 ASHI Directors, January 2005

What's New on ASHI.org, January 2005

ASHI at NAR Conference, January 2005

Welcome New Members, January 2005

Welcome New Candidates, January 2005

Great Lakes and North Central Ohio Chapters Host Combined Seminar, January 2005

DIshwasher Disaster, January 2005

Membership Numbers Surge as Leaders Reach Out , January 2005

Good Governance, December 2004

Member Promotes ASHI in Washington, December 2004

Welcome New Members, December 2004

Welcome New Candidates, December 2004

ASHI-NE Makes Chapter History With Two-Day Educational Conference, December 2004

Chapter Leadership Day (and a half) Exceeds All Expectations, December 2004

Membership Update: 6, 153, December 2004

Compliments to Congdon, November 2004

FLASH Offers Hurricane-Affected Residents Safe ReBuilding Techniques, November 2004

The Effective News Release, November 2004

Members Elect Officers and Directors, November 2004

Welcome New Candidates, November 2004

Welcome New Members, November 2004

Northern Illinois Chapter Helps Vets, November 2004

Homemade Humidifier, November 2004

Dues news: Soldiers and Floridians receive special consideration, November 2004

Integrated Pest Management Beats Spraying Against Roaches , October 2004

Real Estate Still Out of each for Californians, October 2004

Exhibit Booths Building the Brand, October 2004

C2 Bailey Gets Big Boost from the Brand, October 2004

Earning Logo Use Privileges Opens the Door the The ASHI Experience, October 2004

Welcome New Members, October 2004

Welcome New Candidates, October 2004

ASHI Great Lake Chapter Seminar, October 2004

"We Hold This Chimney to Be Self-Evident...", October 2004

Membership Update, October 2004

Mentoring Key to Building the Brand, September 2004

Welcome New Members, September 2004

Welcome New Candidates, September 2004

Honor Your Peers, September 2004

How Green Was My Roof, September 2004

Do it the Easy Way--Pay Dues and Report MRCs Online, September 2004

Officer and Director Nominations Due by Aug. 31, August 2004

ASHI Elects Richardson Treasurer, August 2004

Chapters Get Grants, Launch Campaigns, August 2004

Welcome New Members, August 2004

Welcome New Candidates, August 2004

Calling All Current and Future Chapter Leaders, August 2004

Earning Logo Use Privileges Opens the Door the The ASHI Experience, August 2004

Unenlightened, August 2004

Membership update - 5634, August 2004

ASHI Inspectors Speak, July 2004

Smart Vent® and Flood Vent® Approved by FEMA and ICC, July 2004

Welcome New Members, July 2004

Welcome New Candidates, July 2004

Nomination Deadline Nearing, July 2004

Just Venting, July 2004

Membership update - 5458, July 2004

Five New Exhibit Booths Ready to be Reserved for Real Estate and Home Shows, June 2004

Reminder: Check Recalls Online, June 2004

Report from the Board of Directors Meeting, June 2004

Separate Elections Require Your Attention, June 2004

Welcome New Members, June 2004

Welcome New Candidates, June 2004

Earning Logo Use Privileges Opens the Door the The ASHI Experience, June 2004

Central Florida Chapter Members Turn Out for Brand Presentation, June 2004

Alien, June 2004

Check the ASHI Web site for..., June 2004

The ASHI Experience Seal and We Speak House Tagline, May 2004

Call for Nominations, May 2004

Special Election, May 2004

New Beanstalk Ladder system for Home Inspectors , May 2004

Appraisal Institute Gives Failing Grades to Industry Regulation, May 2004

Defining the Profession: Chapters Lead the Way, April 2004

Call for Nominations, April 2004

HUD Adopts ASHI-Proposed Changes in Key Homebuyer Notice , April 2004

Mold Q & A, April 2004

2003 Chapter Reports, April 2004

Welcome New Members, April 2004

Welcome New Candidates, April 2004

ASHI Visits TAREI, April 2004

News Releases Carry ASHI's Message, April 2004

Double Danger, April 2004

Calling for InspectionWorld presenters—deadline April 15, April 2004

No Excuse for Not Knowing Your Elected Officials!, March 2004

Taking the ASHI Web Site to Higher Levels, March 2004

CCH Toolkit Tax Guide 2004 Helps Entrepreneurs Take Charge of Their Taxes, March 2004

2003 ASHI Committee Reports, March 2004

News from NAR®, March 2004

The ASHI Experience Regional Rollout, March 2004

Welcome New Members, March 2004

ASHI 2003 Awards Presented at InspectionWorld, March 2004

It's Time to Vote on the Code of Ethics, March 2004

Conversion Confusion, March 2004

The ASHI Experience is Here!, March 2004

The ASHI Experience New Advertising , February 2004

Committee Works on Chapter Component of The ASHI Experience, February 2004

Welcome New Members, February 2004

Welcome New Candidates, February 2004

Vote on the Amended Code of Ethics, February 2004

Great Basin Chapter Gets a Boost from Chapter Relations Committee, February 2004

Termites townhouses, February 2004

New Financial Director, February 2004

The ASHI Experience Web site shouts, We Speak House, January 2004

Meet the 2004 ASHI Officers, January 2004

Meet the 2004 ASHI Directors, January 2004

Welcome New Members, January 2004

Welcome New Candidates, January 2004

Risky business, January 2004

ASHI Members Introduce The ASHI Experience to the Real Estate Community, January 2004

Tag line announced for the ASHI Brand: We Speak House, December 2003

Radon IS Real, December 2003

OSHA Issues Mold Guide, December 2003

Welcome New Members, December 2003

Welcome New Candidates, December 2003

Chapter Leadership Day 2003, December 2003

From the Board of Directors Meeting, December 2003

Hisssssss, December 2003

Renewal Rates Up, December 2003

The ASHI Experience Update: Leaders Speak About Change, November 2003

Check With Your Tax Specialist About Expensing New Equipment, November 2003

Welcome New Members, November 2003

Welcome New Candidates, November 2003

Proposed Revisions to Code of Ethics Now Reflects Feedback, November 2003

Strategic Task Force Gets Results, November 2003

Welcome Mississpi Chapter, November 2003

Membership Tops 6,600, November 2003

Bigger or Better?, October 2003

ASHI teams up with Marsh Affinity Group Services to Offer You a Variety of Health Insurance Plans, October 2003

Welcome New Members, October 2003

Welcome New Candidates, October 2003

Shocking, October 2003

Attend Brand-Intensive Chapter Leadership Day, October 2003

ASHI Board Report, September 2003

“Selling the Invisible:” A Book Report, September 2003

MRC Requirements, September 2003

Welcome New Members, September 2003

Welcome New Candidates, September 2003

Single-Family Homes Still Selling at Record-Breaking Pace, September 2003

Southern New England Chapter Improves Communications While Saving Dollars, September 2003

Next time, rent a storage locker, September 2003

New Meeting Planner is up and running, September 2003

Defective water heater part, August 2003

Proposed Draft Foreword to the Code of Ethics for the Home Inspection Profession, August 2003

Proposed Code of Ethics for the Home Inspection Profession, August 2003

Attention Chapters: Nominations open for John E. Cox Member of the Year Award, August 2003

Nominations Open for Philip C. Monahon Award, August 2003

Call for Nominations for 2004 Officers and Directors, August 2003

Welcome New Members, August 2003

Welcome New Candidates, August 2003

Before You Leave for Albuquerque, August 2003

New math, August 2003

ASHI hires Director of IT, August 2003

Expert Witness Article, July 2003

Marketing Book Review, July 2003

Officer and Director Nominations Open, July 2003

Attention Chapters: Nominations open for John E. Cox Member of the Year Award, July 2003

Nominations Open for Philip C. Monahon Award, July 2003

What's In It for Me? Join as a Candidate—Become a MemberThe ASHI logo is widely regarded as the mark of a professional home inspector. Those who achieve Member status take pride in displaying it. Whil, July 2003

Let your fingers do the insulating?, July 2003

Branding, July 2003

Welcome New Members, July 2003

Welcome New Candidates, July 2003

Lobbying for Legislation, June 2003

ASHI Members from Massachusetts Serve on Local Boards, June 2003

Welcome New Members, June 2003

Welcome New Candidates, June 2003

Matzen Keynote Speaker for St. Louis ASHI 16th Annual WInter/Spring Seminar, June 2003

ASHI Board Meeting Report, June 2003

Scotty, Beam me up, June 2003

Membership Embraces Political Action Committee, June 2003

SBA provides new online virtual classroom for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, June 2003

Coleman Powermate Fuel Cell Generator Earns UL Listing, May 2003

Welcome New Members, May 2003

Welcome New Candidates, May 2003

Call for Nominations for 2004 Officers and Directors, May 2003

It's Not the Heat, It's the Stupidity, May 2003

Council Representatives Returned Ballots, May 2003

Thousand-plus Complete Branding Survey, May 2003

More Excellent Expert Advice, May 2003

Mold Info, April 2003

2002 ASHI Chapter Reports, April 2003

And the Award Goes to..., April 2003

Welcome New Members, April 2003

Welcome New Members, April 2003

Poof!, April 2003

ASHI Joins Coaliton in Support of Association Health Plans, April 2003

ASHI.org Gets Stickier, April 2003

Protocol, Branding, Information Systems and Education Occupy Directors 4th Quarter Meeting, March 2003

Hogwash, March 2003

Volunteers Needed for Radon Stakeholder Consortium, March 2003

ASHI 2002 Committee Reports, March 2003

Welcome New Members, March 2003

Welcome New Candidates, March 2003

The "Thing", March 2003

InspectionWorld Huge Success—Photos Available, March 2003

Check Out the Latest Brand-New Features on ASHI.org, February 2003

ASHI Founder Honored, February 2003

Welcome New Members, February 2003

Welcome New Candidates, February 2003

Southern New England Chapter Feeds the Hungry, February 2003

Tight Squeeze, February 2003

Committee Chairs Nail Down Work Plans for New Year, February 2003

Members, Candidates and More, February 2003

Described as Misguided , January 2003

Meet the 2003 ASHI Officers, January 2003

Meet the 2003 Directors, January 2003

ASHI Members Affirm Proposed Slate of Officers, January 2003

COR Elects Five Directors , January 2003

Marketing Tip, January 2003

Welcome New Members, January 2003

Welcome New Candidates, January 2003

Code Seminar at NOVA ASHI, January 2003

The Leaning Chimney of Ohio, January 2003

Committee work began December 14 in Chicago , January 2003

Membership Renewal Credit policy modified, January 2003

Home Inspection Business Operations Study, 2002 Edition, December 2002

Financial Planning Toolkit, December 2002

Welcome New Members, December 2002

Welcome New Candidates, December 2002

Chapter Leadership Day 2002, December 2002

October Board Meeting Starts Early to Meet Business Demands, December 2002

Higher and Higher, December 2002

ASHI Membership Reaches 6,000, November 2002

Be prepared, November 2002

How Much Do You REALLY Know About ASHI?, November 2002

Welcome New Members, November 2002

Welcome New Candidates, November 2002

Members Approve Change to Bylaws, November 2002

Slow Drain, November 2002

Spam hits home, November 2002

Home Inspectors Speak Out, October 2002

ASHRAE energy standards to be included in consensus-based codes, October 2002

Water damage prevention tips offered for commercial property, October 2002

Welcome New Members, October 2002

Welcome New Candidates, October 2002

Comprehensive Consensus Codes™ (C3) set launched with American National Standard for Building Construction and Safety Code™, October 2002

How Much Do You REALLY Know About ASHI?, October 2002

Brainstorming with franchise and multi-inspector CEOs, October 2002

You can catch up if you hurry , October 2002

ASHI Member Rocks Town Hall Meeting, September 2002

Concern for Safety, September 2002

Home Inspection Book Published, September 2002

Time is Running Out – Nominations for Awards Close September 30, September 2002

How Much Do You REALLY Know About ASHI?, September 2002

ASHI Board Meeting Update, September 2002

Welcome New Members, September 2002

Welcome New Candidates, September 2002

Floored, September 2002

Renew Online Today, September 2002

EPA Provides "A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home", August 2002

ASHI, AI Applaud HUD Intent While Recommending Revisions, August 2002

MBA Comments on HUD’s Proposal to Reform RESPA, August 2002

Free Safety Training, August 2002

Join ICC’s Fight Against the Worldwide Spread of West Nile Virus and Other Vector-borne Diseases, August 2002

Nominations for Awards Open, August 2002

Call for Nominations for 2003 ASHI Officers, August 2002

Call for Nominations for 2003 ASHI Directors, August 2002

Welcome New Members, August 2002

Welcome New Candidates, August 2002

Invest in Yourself, Invest in Your Profession, August 2002

Flash from the Past, August 2002

How Much Do You REALLY Know About ASHI?, August 2002

Vent-a-rama, August 2002

Please Welcome ASHI's First Compliance Director, August 2002

Electronic Voting a Popular Choice, July 2002

Past-president Ghent Receives Arvida-related Letter of Appreciation , July 2002

Publishers Learn About ASHI and Home Inspection First Hand, July 2002

ASHI Delivers Message in Person, July 2002

Social Security Benefits Estimated, July 2002

Call for Nominations for 2003 ASHI Officers, July 2002

Call for Nominations for 2003 ASHI Directors, July 2002

Welcome New Members, July 2002

Welcome New Candidates, July 2002

Protect Your Business With ASHI Endorsed E&O Insurance Program for Business Risk Partners, July 2002

Time to Plan for Chapter Leadership Day 2002, July 2002

Know Your MRCs, July 2002

Poor Birdie, July 2002

Electronic or Paper is the Choice for Participating in Important Survey, July 2002

Improving Relations With Other Professionals, July 2002

Inspecting gas water heaters - a difference of opinion, June 2002

Volunteer Recognition Issue: Legislative Volunteers, June 2002

Software Review, June 2002

Volunteer Recognition Issue: Community Service Volunteers, June 2002

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