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Down Payment vs Earnest Money: How Do They Differ

Buying or selling a home can quickly become confusing when you are not used to the process. The situation isn't helped when you encounter unfamiliar terms used in real estate transactions. I can tell you from being in the real estate business for the past thirty-three years; one of the most questioned topics is about the money a buyer comes up with when purchasing a home.

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Inspection Connection Podcast: Episode 8

Cocktails in hand, Rose gives a deep dive into her marketing specialty (Social Media)... and Brad gets indignant about preferred vendors lists and turning the tables on the pay-to-play schemes popular with larger real estate brokerages.

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Tips on Negotiating Repairs After a Home Inspection

You have taken the time to find the perfect home, submitted an offer, made your down payment and now it is time to do your home inspection.

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Inspection Connection Podcast: Episode 7

In this episode, Rose & Brad discuss tone and tact; interview a Northern Virginia Top Selling Realtor about communication between Inspectors and buyers; and drink the nastiest Inspector BOD (Beverage of the Day) to be featured on the show.

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What is a Contingent Offer When Buying a House

If you are buying a home, you may have heard the term "contingent offer" mentioned. But what does it mean, and how will it affect your house purchase?

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Are Intumescent Firestop Collars Necessary?

Testing Tells the Tale

As a home inspector, when I inspect the wall and ceiling that separates a garage from a home’s living space, I’m looking at fire safety. If a fire starts in the garage, it shouldn’t quickly spread to the inside of the house. One of the things I look for while inspecting this wall is an intumescent firestop collar for any plastic pipes that penetrate the wall, such as a radon vent, DWV pipes, a central vacuum pipe or gas vent pipes.