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Targeting Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that involves providing ongoing valuable, relevant, and consistent information content to attract and retain agent and client relationships. Instead of merely pitching your inspection services, you provide useful content, generating sales by building engagement and trust and enhancing your brand.

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Top Cleaning Tips When Preparing for a Home Showing

There’s a lot that goes into selling your home. Marketing is one key area. Having showings allows buyers to see your space. To get them interested in your home, you want to prepare for the open house ahead of time. Having a clean appearance is essential. Here are 10 cleaning tips to help you attract potential buyers.

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How to View Homes Like an Inspector

2021 has been a difficult time for homebuyers as they face the enduring seller’s market. The steep competition across many markets, housing shortages across the nation, and the sluggish recovery of the construction industry have made finding affordable housing for many homebuyers quite daunting.

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Lumber Shortage Slowing New Home Builds

The shortage of homes across the nation appears to be here to stay. With prices soaring on the available homes, many buyers are left on the sidelines as their budget cannot keep up. But when will the shortage of homes be able to match the current housing demand of the market?

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The ASHI Reporter Editor is Looking for Interesting Article Submissions

It's been a crazy year-and-a-half and in our next issue of the ASHI Reporter, we want to celebrate the good, the helpful, and even the unexpected!

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Home Inspectors as a Resource: Help Clients Prepare for a Vacation

Home inspectors can have a strong influence on their clients by freely giving reliable, helpful information periodically throughout the year.