A New Approach to Relationship Management in the Real Estate Industry

By Edited by ASHI Staff | May 01, 2016



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What to Do When The Home Inspection Reveals Red Flags

Home inspections can be a big hurdle to clear and will worry many of the parties involved in the transaction until the due diligence period is over. A home inspection is an appraisal of the state of the house at the current time.

Check Out a New Podcast: Inspection Connection

We talk shop, we talk life, we interview industry professionals and we strive for an atmosphere that feels like we’re sharing a drink or partaking in a meal together. We see this atmosphere as being one of the keys to the show’s overall theme, because home inspection as a profession isn’t inherently about properties… it’s about people. And that’s the type of authenticity we hope to convey.

The Risks of Waiving a Home Inspection

Are you going to save money by waving a home inspection? For first time buyers, it may seem like a home inspection is an unnecessary cost. However, experienced buyers will appreciate how important it is to have a home inspection.