JULY 2024
ASHI Reporter July 2024, ASHI Staff

Celebrating ASHI Staff

The ASHI 2023 President’s Staff Award had two deserving recipients this year— Edwin Barrera and Alicia McCray.

By: Laura Rote Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter July 2024, Feature

Exploring the Lungs of the Home

With all of the recent buzz around indoor air quality issues, let’s talk about what we refer to as the lungs of the home—the HVAC system.

By: Barry Mankin ACI Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter July 2024, Feature

What’s Your Difference?

Have you thought about what makes you appreciably different from other home inspectors? If you haven’t, you’re not alone.

By: Rick Richards Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter July 2024, Feature

Healthy Cooling Systems

I once compared conditions in 300 randomly selected homes I inspected as a home inspector to 600 “sick homes” I inspected as an indoor-air-quality professional; these were houses where occupants were suffering from asthma and/or allergy symptoms.

By: Jeffrey C. May Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter July 2024, Risk Management

How Do Home Inspectors Find Work?

When navigating how to get work as a home inspector, sometimes the simplest methods generate the best home inspection leads.

By: Alyssa Cink Member Exclusive
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