MAY 2024
ASHI Reporter May 2024, Feature

More Exciting News

I want to talk to you about InspectPAC and report about InspectionWorld on the Road—ASHI’s effort to bring InspectionWorld closer to home. I would also like to report that the first of four InspectionWorld on the Road events was successful.

By: Mark Goodman Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter May 2024, Feature

Handling Complaints

A few months later I received a complaint email. The email was short and direct. I suspect I get one such complaint every year (I have been doing this for almost nine years now), and only once has someone threatened to take me to court (after she talked to her lawyer and reread my pre-inspection agreement she dropped that line of thinking).

By: Ray Mayo Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter May 2024, Feature

Building Strong Foundations

This issue we wanted to follow up about the ASHI Foundation, or AFI, and how you, too, can help.

By: Lisa Alajajian Giroux Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter May 2024, Feature

Carrying the Torch

Sean Troxell’s positive energy is infectious. You can almost see him answering the phone with a smile. Troxell recently won ASHI’s Ironman Award—an annual accolade given to an ASHI Member who has given time, energy, talent, and determination to ASHI over a long period and with little recognition.

By: Laura Rote Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter May 2024, Feature

Understanding Condensate

Over my 21-year career of inspecting homes, condensate is one of the most frequently reported items in my inspection reports. I find it’s done wrong more than 75% of the time in one fashion or another. I am convinced it’s because people don’t consider condensate to be something that can lead to a larger issue—and that could not be farther from the truth.

By: David Grudzinski Member Exclusive
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