Committees Complete First Year With New Strategic Plan

By Edited by ASHI Staff | March 01, 2005



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We talk shop, we talk life, we interview industry professionals and we strive for an atmosphere that feels like we’re sharing a drink or partaking in a meal together. We see this atmosphere as being one of the keys to the show’s overall theme, because home inspection as a profession isn’t inherently about properties… it’s about people. And that’s the type of authenticity we hope to convey.

The Risks of Waiving a Home Inspection

Are you going to save money by waving a home inspection? For first time buyers, it may seem like a home inspection is an unnecessary cost. However, experienced buyers will appreciate how important it is to have a home inspection.

Your Pre-Inspection Agreement: Severability

Sometimes, courts can take issue with one or multiple provisions in a business contract. If the court decides that a clause in your agreement is unfair to your client or is contrary to local or federal laws, they can invalidate one or more provisions in your contract. They can even dismiss your agreement altogether.