Sandy Bourseau - Newsroom Author Details

Telephone : 847-954-3179

As ASHI's director of communication, Sandy Bourseau edits the ASHI Reporter and the monthly e-newsletters First Thing, for ASHI leadership, and The Inspector, for the the membership. She also serves on the Web site team; is liaison for the Technical and Public Relations Committees, and contributes to or manages numerous projects. During her seven years with ASHI, there has been a continual updating of ASHI's communication technology and publications.

Articles authored

Bringing excitement and freshness to ASHI’s purpose, April 2013

Do You Have a Story to Tell?, March 2013

Social Media Update, February 2013

Santa's Workshop, January 2013

Road Risks Factored by Three: Weather, Driver and Vehicle, January 2013

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Building Awareness, Promoting High Quality, December 2012

Just When you Think you Know it all, November 2012

ASHI Now on YouTube, November 2012

Get Disaster-Inspection Certified: Take Part in the Recovery, November 2012

An Embarrassment of Riches?, October 2012

Prepaid Legal Delivers for me, September 2012

Mother Nature, August 2012

Editor's Note: Fortitude, July 2012

Editor's Note: Looking for the Positive, June 2012

ASHI's Public Relations Program: First Quarter Highlights, June 2012

Editor's Note: A Cautionary Tale, May 2012

Press Release Offers Opportunity to Build Relationships, May 2012

Editor's Note: Engines of Destruction, April 2012

What Makes a Safe Room Safe?, April 2012

Editor's Note: Good People, More Good News, February 2012

Social Media By the Numbers, February 2012

Editor's Note: Proud to be a Professional, January 2012

Social Media Snapshot, January 2012

10 Years Ago in the ASHI Reporter, January 2012

Editor's Note: Remembering ASHI's First Lady, December 2011

ASHI National Audio News Release Airing in December, December 2011

Playing it Safe in the Cold, December 2011

Editor's Note: Behind the Curtain, November 2011

What has Public Relations Done for you Lately?, November 2011

Editor's Note: Disaster Response, October 2011

The Secret is Out: ASHI has a Powerful Public Relations Program, October 2011

Editor's Note: Marketing: What, To Whom and How, September 2011

Too Hot For Comfort, September 2011

Editor's Note: A World of Words, August 2011

Deck Safety Week, August 2011

Attention to Detail: Common Denominator for Work & Service, August 2011

Editor's Note: The Softer Side of ASHI, July 2011

ASHI Promotes Home Inspectors in All Markets, July 2011

Using an Electronic Newsletter to Market Your Services, July 2011

Editor's Note:Does it Seem as if Your Editor is Obsessed With Safety?, June 2011

We Reach Out & They Come to Us, May 2011

When HOT Goes Way Beyond Uncomfortable, May 2011

Marketing Tips: Build Your Business, May 2011

If It's On the Internet I Can Use it, Right?, May 2011

Editor's Note: Resilience, April 2011

Survey Media Release Hits the Ground Running, April 2011

Editor's Note: It's All About the Celebration, March 2011

Survey Reveals What Consumers Know and Don't Know, March 2011

From the Editor: Working for You Behind the Scenes, February 2011

One Interview, 58 Hits, February 2011

Editor's Note: ASHI has its own All-Stars, January 2011

Editor's Note: Who has Answers?, December 2010

From Building to Tweeting to Traditional: ASHI Covers all the Public Relations Bases, December 2010

From the Editor: Where Does the Buck Stop?, November 2010

ASHI Needs Your Input, October 2010

Relationships & PR Program Keep ASHI in the News, October 2010

Down Market? Ramp Up Your Publicity Program, October 2010

Are You Following ASHI?, August 2010

ASHI Takes a Stand for Consumer Protection, August 2010

Public Relations Uses it all to Promote ASHI, June 2010

From Coast to Coast, Including Your Neighborhood, May 2010

Roofs High on List of Hazards, April 2010

A Consistent Message is a Powerful Message, March 2010

Why ASHI has a Public Relations Program, September 2009

ASHI Needs Your Input!, August 2009

ASHI's Message Reaches Wide Audience, August 2009

Florida Inspector Shares Chinese Drywall Challenges, July 2009

We Get E-Mails: Members Report Their Public Relations Success, June 2009

ASHI Gains Name Recognition, Builds Positive Image, May 2009

Award Winner Gets Good Press, April 2009

Arizona produces PSA, March 2009

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Cooper Featured on HGTV Helping First-Time Buyer, August 2008

Could You Contribute to ASHI's Publications?, August 2008

Best Judgment the Key to Inspecting Automatic Garage Door Openers, August 2008

The Public Relations Program That Just Keeps Giving: National Deck Saftey Month, July 2008

Could You Contribute to ASHI's Publications?, July 2008

Major Media Coups in May, June 2008

March & April Public Relations Highlights, May 2008

Could You Contribute to ASHI's Publications, May 2008

ASHI: The Go-To Source, April 2008

Contribute to ASHI's Publications, April 2008

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New York Media Welcomes DIY Tips & More from ASHI President, January 2008

ASHI Members in the Media, November 2007

A New Direction for ASHI's Public Relations: VERTICAL, July 2007

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ASHI Scores 4 to 1 in Positive PR, May 2007

Historic Home Inspection Attracts the Media, March 2007

ASHI Members Help Put the Name in Front of Public, February 2007

Contribute to ASHI's Publicaitons, January 2007

Members Making a Difference, November 2006

ASHI Reaches Out to Puerto Rican Inspectors, November 2006

Media Go to ASHI for Home Inspection Information, October 2006

Energy Inspections, October 2006

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O Gets it Right, May 2005

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New Image Wins the Gold, February 2005

Focus on 2005 PR Plan: More Exposure for ASHI, December 2004

ASHI Members in the News, November 2004

Updates on the PSA, VNR and Allied Organizations, October 2004

Member by Member and PSA by PSA, ASHI Becomes Synonymous With Home Inspection, September 2004

Connecting With Customers, June 2004

ASHI Visits Media in New York City, June 2004

Build Your Business by Building Relationships, June 2004

Members Taking it to the Public, March 2004

NAHB Invites ASHI to Provide Information on Frequently Observed Construction and Product Defects, February 2004

Press Releases Plus Personal Appearances Reach Out to 11 Million Plus, November 2003

Watch your step: Hazards Ahead, October 2003

ASHI All Over the Little Screen, August 2003

ASHI Members in the News, July 2003

A Tradition of Giving: ASHI Members Volunteer, June 2003

SNEC Responds to Hunger With More than a Snack, June 2003

Habitat for Humanity Volunteers, June 2003

Volunteers Spread the Word at NAR® Expo, June 2003

Press Release Success, May 2003

About The ASHI Reporter, May 2003

Educating the Public, Million by Million, January 2003

Request for ASHI's Expertise Just Keep Coming, October 2002

ASHI Members Star in "Warehouse Warriors" Episode, September 2002

Home Improvement TV Discovers ASHI, June 2002

Request for Interpretation Responses Published, May 2002

Publicis Dialogue Launches ASHI's Consumer Education Campaign, May 2002

ASHI Member hero of Associated Press newswire story , April 2002

Stand Tall in the Community, April 2002

ASHI Members in the News, February 2002

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Ethics: Finding a Beacon to Follow Through a Sea of Ethical Dilemmas, November 2001

News From Across the Nation, October 2001

Recent Sightings Confirm…ASHI Speaks for the Profession, September 2001