ASHI Reporter December 2023, Marketing Minute

ASHI Membership Levels

All home inspectors joining ASHI, regardless of experience, begin at the Associate Member level. Members can move up to higher levels at their own pace. Here we outline the requirements 
and benefits of each level of membership.

By: Edie Mann Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter December 2023, Feature

Understanding SPF

As an indoor air quality professional, I have investigated some very problematic SPF installations in the last 10 years. Some have even led to legal disputes between contractors and homeowners.

By: Jeffrey C. May Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter December 2023, Feature

Workers’ Comp for Home Inspectors

Seeing the need for coverage in the industry, we at InspectorPro Insurance launched our home inspector workers’ compensation policy in June 2019. We recognize workers’ compensation can be confusing. In this article, we explore common questions that arise when shopping for workers’ comp.

By: Stephanie Jaynes Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter December 2023, Insider Tips

What to Do After Home Inspecting

As Norm Richert got older, he knew it would become more challenging to climb on roofs and get into crawl spaces. Now 70 years old, the retired ACI is working comfortably from his home office, still absorbed by what he loves. He said insurance risk inspections are one way inspectors may prolong their inspection careers.

By: Laura Rote Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter December 2023, Insider Tips

Home Inspectors Don’t Shovel Snow

We often get caught up in explaining what is included with a standard inspection. As an inspector, it is equally important to set people’s expectations and tell them what we do not do.

By: James “Jamie” Dunsing Member Exclusive
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