MARCH 2022
ASHI Reporter March 2022, Feature

Renewing the Fight Against Radon

As a certified home inspector, whether you think about it every so often or not, you are out there on the front line saving your customers from all kinds of misfortune—costly losses due to water damage, fire, personal injury, lawsuits, and even the long-term medical consequences of under-appreciated hazards that lurk below our day-to-day radar. Among the latter are the hazards of radon.

By: Peter Foller Ph.D. Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter March 2022, Feature

What’s the Best Ladder for Home Inspectors?

When it comes to home inspection equipment, few items are as essential as ladders. Needed for most roof inspections, ladders are an important tool. But when ladders come in so many materials, lengths, duties, and varieties, it can be tough to determine which is best for your business.

By: Stephanie Jaynes Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter March 2022, Feature

2021 ASHI Awards

The 2021 ASHI awards showcase some of our most standout certified home inspectors from the past year. Our most recent winners include years long volunteers, mentors who are always available to help new inspectors, and committee chairs who contribute across committees. You can read more about each of these ASHI Award winners in upcoming issues of the Reporter.

By: ASHI Staff Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter March 2022, Feature

10 Ways to Better Market Your Business

The market in my area recently slowed for various reasons, including winter being a slower time of year generally. The slow season is a great time to revisit what I am putting out there as a company and fine-tune my efforts. I’m interested in pursuing some educational opportunities during this downtime, but one thing I think is important is to review things I’m already doing, to consider opportunities for improvement.

By: Jameson Malgeri Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter March 2022, Feature

What to Say—And How to Say It

It can be hard to say what you mean. Even harder still to confirm whether the person you’re talking to understands what you say. How do you, the professional home inspector, communicate to your clients? How do you explain defects in a house in layperson’s terms, for example, or set expectations before a home inspection ever begins?

By: Laura Rote Member Exclusive
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