ASHI Reporter January 2022, Feature

10 Questions New Home Inspectors Should Ask

Home inspecting is a tough field. Stand behind what you know—and if you don’t know, go on and learn it. Have a network of people, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

By: Lisa Alajajian Giroux Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter January 2022, Feature

Body Cams and Home Inspectors: A New Application

Recently, a real estate agent representing a former mutual client contacted Jon Bolton of The Inspectagator in Florida, claiming his team had “ruined” the client’s gutters. The agent sent a photograph of a dent in the gutters with a demand that the inspection company pay to install new ones.

By: Stephanie Jaynes Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter January 2022, Feature

GFCI and AFCI Devices Revisited

Following up on a number of emails regarding my original article around GFCI and AFCI devices in the November issue, expanded and corrected information follows.

By: David Rushton Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter January 2022, Feature

Reintroducing the Discussion Forum

The ASHI membership comprises many insightful inspectors: those new to our profession and those who’ve been inspecting homes for years. In my time in the association, ASHI members' eagerness to continually learn and improve as professionals always stood out.

By: Chris Karczewski Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter January 2022, Smart Inspector Science

Just Flush

Toilets and the entire plumbing, waste, and vent system are important parts of a home inspection. Home inspectors must always look for loose, leaking, or poor-flushing toilets.

By: Tom Feiza Member Exclusive
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