ASHI Reporter November 2021, Feature

The Return to InspectionWorld

InspectionWorld (IW) has been the best long-standing home inspection event every year for so many years; it seems the only thing that could have stopped us was a pandemic.

By: Edwin Barrera Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter November 2021, Feature

Septic Inspections: An Opportunity in One in Every Five Homes

Many home inspectors are wary of what’s lurking beyond the confines of their visual examination. Buried in the ground, septic systems can be one of the last things sellers and buyers consider during real estate transactions. But they don’t have to be.

By: Stephanie Jaynes Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter November 2021, Feature

GFCI vs AFCI Devices

Ground fault circuit interrupters and arc fault circuit interrupters sound as though they’re very similar, but their functions and purposes are very different.

By: David Rushton Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter November 2021, Feature

5 Reasons to Attend IW '22

With InspectionWorld 2022 coming back in person, we are more than excited to be back in conference mode again. In-person events are so enriching, as you get to experience the best of educational offerings as well as rub shoulders with other attendees between events.

By: Chris Karczewski Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter November 2021, Feature

Serious Commitments

Education is a big deal for Jazz Schools. The 30-year-old joined ASHI in March 2021 as education administrator, but it’s his time in the military that ignited his love of learning and brought him to where he is today.

By: Laura Rote Member Exclusive
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