MARCH 2024
ASHI Reporter March 2024, Feature

Giving Back

Hollis Brown is satisfied. He’s had multiple careers, he’s surrounded by peers striving to do their best work, and he’s both learning new things and sharing the things he’s learned with others. This year Hollis was also recognized as the John E. Cox Member of the Year. The annual award recognizes an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI) who has made exceptional contributions to an ASHI Chapter.

By: Laura Rote Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter March 2024, Feature

From ASHI to Aerospace

Bill Loden is thinking about rockets. To be more precise—he’s thinking about a very big rocket, one that will return America to the moon. It’s called the Space Launch System.

By: Laura Rote Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter March 2024, Feature

Code Conundrums: Foundation Anchorage

In this installment of “Code Conundrums,” we’ll explore more issues that may arise during inspections, how they are related to the building code, and why sometimes the code and best practices are not aligned. Let’s focus this issue on foundation anchorage.

By: John Weiburg Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter March 2024, Marketing Minute

Stand Out in a Stagnant Market

To remain successful in difficult times, inspectors must be resourceful and proactive. Leveraging real estate continuing education is one way inspectors may enhance the appeal of home inspection services.

By: MEGAN L. STEVENSON Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter March 2024, Risk Management

Is Home Inspecting a Good Career?

Let’s explore four of the pros and cons of being a home inspector.

By: Stephanie Jaynes Member Exclusive
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