ASHI Reporter November 2023, Feature

Mold Matters

And as a mold inspector, I have encountered frantic 
people who are deathly afraid of the stuff. Their first question 
is usually, “Does my house have mold in it?” That’s an easy one. 

By: Paul Cummins Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter November 2023, Feature

Tail Coverage

No matter your reason for making a career shift, it’s important to know how the change could affect your insurance coverage. After all, no one wants an uncovered lawsuit from an old client to dampen their retirement or new career. Find out how tail insurance coverage can preserve your claims protection below.

By: Stephanie Jaynes Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter November 2023, Feature

Working with the Best of Them

Morgan Cohen is a licensed home inspector and owner of MKC Associates, which he founded in 2005. He’s also a trainer, company manager, and lead inspector and is the immediate-past Education Chair of the New England Chapter of ASHI.

By: Laura Rote Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter November 2023, Marketing Minute

What is a Google Business Profile?

Businesses of all sizes rely on the world’s largest search engine to be visible, provide a positive first impression, and engage with customers. Here's why you need one and how to get it. DID WE MENTION IT'S FREE?!

By: Edie Mann Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter November 2023, Codes

Code Conundrums: Plumbing

In this installment of “Code Conundrums,” we’ll explore more issues that may arise during inspections, how they are related to the building code, and why sometimes the code and best practices are not aligned.

By: John Weiburg Member Exclusive
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