ASHI Reporter October 2023, Feature

What Lies Beneath: Sewer Line Inspections

Clay, cast-iron, the dreaded orangeburg, or more modern materials like ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)?

By: Phillip Haas Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter October 2023, Feature

Warranty vs Insurance

A home inspector received a call from an inspection client who complained of settlement issues and a failing foundation. The sprinkler system had been slowly saturating the property’s foundation.

By: Stephanie Jaynes Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter October 2023, Feature

Letter from the President: Silver Linings

It’s no secret many of us are struggling to keep our heads above the water. We are facing a housing crisis. Builders in new housing construction have slowed down, and interest rates continue to rise.

By: ASHI Staff Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter October 2023, Feature

A Lesson Learned

While inspecting a large, single-family home, an inspector determined there were two evaporative coolers on the roof. Because it was Phoenix in the summer, he wanted to get the entire exterior as well as the roof and the attic inspected first so he could finish the rest of the inspection in the cool interior of the house.

By: Kevin O’Hornett Member Exclusive
ASHI Reporter October 2023, Marketing Minute

Marketing Minute: 4 Ways to Reach New Customers

In the competitive realm of home inspection, where trust and credibility are paramount, expanding your customer base should always be a priority.

By: Sandra Akufo Member Exclusive
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