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Roof repair is an essential part of homeownership. Some roof repairs cost as low as $100, while others cost thousands. This guide details the many factors determining your total roof repair price so you can prepare for the project.



Roof Repair Cost

The national average roof repair cost is around $863, but a minor repair costs only $100 to $500.* Some examples of less intensive roof repairs include patching roof leaks or minor shingle replacement. These smaller repairs require basic tools and materials and no specialized knowledge. 

Moderate repairs cost $500 to $1,750. These repairs can be more complex and require more tools and knowledge. Examples include fixing substantial water damage or replacing flashing. 

Significant roof repairs can cost $1,750 to over $9,000. These repairs require professional expertise and specialized materials. They also often require permits, extra inspections, and additional costs such as electrical, plumbing, or HVAC work. Some examples of major roof repairs include fixing a shrinking or sagging roof, total flashing replacement, chimney repair, and entire roof replacement. 

*Cost figures are averaged from 2023 reports from multiple sources, including Best Roofing Estimates and Angi.



Factors That Influence Roof Repair Cost

In addition to the project’s scale, the following factors can affect your roof repair cost. 


Roughly 60% of roof repair cost goes toward labor. The more intensive the repair, the higher the labor cost.


The type of roofing material you have also impacts cost. The more expensive and difficult the installation material, the more it costs to repair per square foot. Asphalt shingles are typically the cheapest, while metal, slate, and clay tiles are the most expensive.

Here is the average roof repair cost per square foot for common roofing materials: 

  • Asphalt shingles: $4–$8
  • Composite shingles: $5–$9
  • Flat roofing: $6–$8
  • Metal roof shingles: $8–$14
  • Wood shake/shingle roof: $8–$14
  • Slate roof: $12–$22
  • Clay tiles: $12–$25
  • Metal roof sheets: $18–$40


Homeowners don’t typically need a permit for minor roof repairs, but it’s best to check with local government authorities if significant damage needs repairing. The average permit costs $75.

Roof Age

The older the roof, the more likely it will require more extensive and costly work.

Roof Design 

Repairs will take longer and cost more if a roof has multiple levels, sharp edges, or other complex design features. Roofers must take extra precautions to work on steep roofs, increasing labor costs. The size of your roof also influences the project cost, as larger roofs cost more to repair.

Roof Features

Roofs with many features that must be worked around, such as a vent or chimney, cost more and take longer to repair. These features can also leak, corrode, rust, or get damaged and may require additional repair.

Below are some of the most common roof feature repairs: 

  • Chimney flashing repair 
  • Dormer repair
  • Eaves repair 
  • Fascia/soffits repair
  • Gutter replacement or repair 
  • Skylight replacement or repair
  • Trusses repair 
  • Valley repair 
  • Vent replacement or repair

Time of Year

Roof repair costs are higher at certain times of the year. For example, snow and ice in cold areas make the project riskier and more challenging, increasing the total cost. On the other hand, roofers are typically less busy during fall and may offer lower prices. You can schedule a roof repair for 10% to 15% less than average during this time.



Types of Roof Repairs

Below are some of the most common roof repairs and their average costs: 

  • Chimney flashing repair: Flashing is thin metal sheeting, often made of aluminum, that makes a roof’s joints, seams, and corners water-resistant. This flashing can corrode and loosen, causing leaks. Repairing or replacing flashing around a chimney costs $200 to $300.
  • Dormer repair: A dormer juts out from the side of an angled roof and features a window. A miniature roof covers the dormer. Repairs for this mini-roof can cost $250 to $1,000, depending on the amount of damage.
  • Eaves repair: Roof eaves are where a home’s walls meet the roof. Eaves require specialized engineering to support the roof and make the home weather resistant, so repairs are higher at $1,450 to $1,750.
  • Gutter replacement or repair: Gutters can dent and warp over time, causing leaks. These leaks can lead to extensive water damage to your home’s siding and foundation. Full gutter replacement costs $1,000 to $7,000, while a repair costs $155 to $580.
  • Hole patching: Though a simple repair, patching a roof hole can cost $100 to $1,000, depending on the hole’s size and your roofing material.
  • Leak repair: Roof leak repair costs vary significantly depending on the leak’s size, how long it’s been leaking, your roof material, and more. A small leak may only cost $230 to fix, but a repair can cost $1,275 or more if substantial water has gotten into the underlayment.
  • Roof fascia and soffits repair: The horizontal boards that run under a roof overhang are called fascia. Fascia supports the home’s gutters and works with the soffits, which are the exposed pieces of siding on the underside of a roof’s overhang. Soffits are crucial for proper ventilation. Fascia and soffit repair costs around $300 to $1,500.
  • Roof replacement: A total roof replacement is a worst-case scenario for damage. Roof replacement can cost anywhere from $8,500 to $14,500, with an average cost of $11,000. A new roof’s final price depends on your home’s square footage and the roofing material.
  • Truss repair: Roof trusses form the roof’s interior wooden support. Outer roofing materials protect trusses from moisture, but water, insects, or fungi can damage them over time. Truss repair costs vary widely from $500 to $5,000, depending on the damage.
  • Valley repair: A roof’s valley forms where two descending slopes meet. Rain gathers in this area, so a roof valley must be waterproofed with flashing. Repairs can cost $300 to $1,000, depending on the extent of damage.
  • Vent repair: Vents form cracks and gaps over time, and a roofer can patch them quickly with sealant. Vent repairs are minor and cost $75 to $250.
  • Sagging roof: An old roof that sags is a sign of severe damage. Typically, the structure underneath the sagging portion must be replaced entirely. This makes fixing a sagging roof one of the most expensive repairs, typically costing over $2,000.
  • Skylight replacement or repair: Skylights can leak over time due to wear and tear or inclement weather. Skylight repairs cost an average of $300 to $500. Total skylight replacement costs $900 to $2,000.



Contact a Roofing Professional

We don’t recommend attempting to repair your roof yourself. It’s dangerous and challenging, and even if you feel safe climbing on your roof, even small mistakes can lead to big problems. Though paying for a professional roof repair can be expensive, it’s worth it to protect yourself and your home.

A professional roofing company may also provide a warranty to back up its work and protect your investment. A reputable roofing company can make repairs quickly and ensure everything is installed properly and securely. Use our tool below to find professional roofing contractors near you.

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When To Consider a Broader Home Inspection

When purchasing or selling a home, it is critical to complete a thorough inspection to understand the property’s condition. A standard home inspection includes an assessment of a home’s systems and physical structure. After the process, the inspector will provide a report detailing their findings and recommendations.

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