JULY 2013
ASHI Reporter July 2013, Inspecting

Did You Know?

ASHI Certified Inspectors are the only home inspectors who have completed a recognized certification process. • Third-party certification validates ASHI member qualifications and professional competence. • Achieving third-party certification helps consumers make informed buying decisions and gives them peace of mind when they hire an ASHI-Certified Home Inspector.

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ASHI Reporter July 2013, Feature

Lateral-Load Connections

Special hardware is needed to correctly fasten deck joists to interior floor joists.

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ASHI Reporter July 2013, The Word

The Rest of the Story

This month, and for the next month or two, we will discuss (as Paul Harvey used to say) the rest of the story. We usually just do our thing, collect our fee and move on to the next inspection. Rarely do we see what happens after we leave. The rest of the story can be interesting and instructive in terms of what we might want to look for and report during our inspections.

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