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Larry Willette has been inspecting homes since 1988. He joined ASHI and the Southern New England Chapter in 1991. In addition to serving multiple terms as chapter director, he worked on several seminar committees.

To date, Willette has inspected more than 5,000 homes; has conducted over 20,000 radon tests, and was the first inspector in the nation to start testing ASTs in March of 2006. He has tested 150 tanks and expects the demand for this type of testing to follow the same curve as radon testing did. When the public and professionals in areas where radon is an issue became aware of testing availability, there was a demand for it. Once the public and professionals in areas where oil tanks are widely used become aware of tank testing, he believes there will be a growing demand for it.


Articles authored

Using New Technology to Predict Life Span of Fuel Oil Storage Tanks , February 2007