ASHI certified inspector

ASHI Certified Inspector Information

Please visit your Find an Inspector & Web Settings (login required). Indicate whether or not you are willing to take ASHI Associates on Parallel Inspections by clicking “Yes” or “No”.

Once you have checked “Yes,” your name and contact information will show up within 24 hours on the online ASHI Membership Directory as an ASHI Certified Inspector interested in serving as a Parallel Inspection Guide.

See who has already signed up by clicking here.

As an ASHI Parallel Inspection Guide, you will be to continue to provide The ASHI Experience to your client while also offering the ASHI Associate who has come with you a quality educational experience.  You are permitted to take a maximum of two (2) ASHI Associates or ASHI Associates with Logo Use with you on an inspection.

As  an ASHI Parallel Inspection Guide, your responsibilities include:

  1. Fulfilling the obligations to your client.

  2. Allowing the ASHI Associate to join you at the site of the inspection and allowing him/her to conduct an inspection with minimal oversight.

  3. Reviewing the ASHI Associate(s)’ inspection report AFTER the inspection has been completed and providing feedback and comments to improve the report.

  4. Completing the ASHI Parallel Inspection Standards Compliance Checklist and providing a copy to the ASHI Associate. You should also keep a copy of this checklist in your own files.

Before the Inspection…

  1. Verify Membership – This is a program available only to ASHI Associates. You may verify ASHI Associate membership by searching the Membership Directory.

  2. Agree on a meeting time with the ASHI Associate - Be sure to build in some time to visit with the ASHI Associate if you’ve never met him/her. Use this time to explain how you conduct your inspections, how long the process will last and to provide other helpful information.

  3. Agree on a meeting location with the ASHI Associate - Whether at your office, at the location of the inspection or at a neutral location, such as a restaurant, be sure the meeting location is agreed upon in advance. If you chose the location of the inspection, check to be sure parking is available for the ASHI Associate(s).

  4. Discuss your company dress code – Does your inspection team have a dress code? Some inspectors inspect in a polo shirt and khakis, others must wear a tie as part of their uniform. Since the ASHI Associate is now under your watch, make sure he fits in with your team.

  5. Discuss needed tools and supplies – Remind the ASHI Associate inspector that he/she is responsible for providing his/her own tools, equipment and inspection report. If the ASHI Associate has not yet selected an inspection reporting form or system, a sample training report form is available here.

  6. Determine if the ASHI Associate will be charged a fee – Some Members have a training program in place that charges ASHI Associates for this kind of experience. This is not mandatory, but is not prohibited.

  7. Discuss how much time will be spent together after the inspection – An important part of this process is your review of the ASHI Associate’s inspection report to see if he/she did a report in substantial compliance with the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Will you agree to review his report immediately after the inspection or within 24 hours? You may choose to review the ASHI Associate’s report either before or after you have done your own report for your client. However, a swift turnaround for the ASHI Associate is desired. Remember, this does not count as a Parallel Inspection unless the Member (you) provides feedback to the ASHI Associate about his/her report.

  8. Check your protection – Verify with your insurance provider that your policy will continue to cover you during this program.

On the Day of the Inspection...

  1. Remind ASHI Associate of his/her role - Remind the ASHI Associate that his/her role is one of a training nature, and he/she should limit contact with your client and/or the seller/buyer so as to not disrupt the inspection procedure. Do advise the ASHI Associate to bring any urgent concerns to you, as you are the primary contact with your client.

  2. Introduce the ASHI Associate - Be sure to introduce the ASHI Associate to your client and explain that you are helping to train a new ASHI Associate. Positioning yourself as an expert in the field and a guide will enhance your credibility.

  3. Keep your promises to your Client – Be sure to complete your full and total inspection and fulfill any obligations made to your client, including after-inspection discussions and presentation of the inspection report, either on-site or at another time. You can allow the ASHI Associate to be present for these discussions, but it is not required.

  4. Keep your promises to the ASHI Associate – Be sure to complete your review of the ASHI Associate’s inspection report within a timely fashion using the ASHI Parallel Inspection Standards Compliance Checklist. Only reports reviewed by an ASHI Certified Inspector can be counted as an ASHI Parallel Inspection. You may also use this time to offer feedback on other areas of the ASHI Associate’s performance, including conduct, appearance, technique and thoroughness. Don’t be afraid to give constructive criticism.

After the Inspection…

  1. Thank those who need to be thanked – Thank the seller and/or your client for allowing you to have a ASHI Associate take part in the inspection.

  2. Keep track of your Parallel Inspections – You will earn 1 Continuing Education (CE) hour per Parallel Inspection, for a maximum of 10 each year.

  3. Wrap up loose ends – From completion of the report review to collection of payment and filing the paperwork, treat the ASHI Parallel Inspection as professionally as you would any other inspection.