Home Inspection Requirements for Washington

Home Inspection Regulated

License Type
Home Inspector

License Renewal Cycle
Every Two Years on your birthdate

Is Distance Education Allowed

Is Field Training And Experience Required

Experience Required
up to 40 hours of field training supervised by a licensed home inspector.

Is CE Required

CE Hours Required
24 Hours

Is CE Distance Education Allowed

Is Pre-Licensing Required

Pre-licensing Hours Required
120 hours of classroom instruction

Regulating Body
Washington State-Department of Licensing

Rules And Regulations
Senate Bill 6606

yes-If exam is prepared by national entity section specific to WA will be included

Requirements for licensing of home inspectors will begin July 1, 2009. Governor Gregoire signed senate bill 6606 into law. Effective (6/12/2008) *Anyone who can prove he/she has worked as a home inspector for at least two years may apply to the board before September 1 2009. Anyone with less than two years must meet all requirements. Statute RCW 18.280.

Washington Home Inspection Training

Washington Licensure  Requires the licensure of home inspectors and establishes various qualifications for licensure. Licenses will be issued beginning July 1, 2009. Beginning Septembers 1, 2009, inspectors will be required to have a license to inspect. Anyone who can prove he has worked as a home inspector for at least two years and has conducted at least 100 home inspections may apply to the board before September 1, 2009 for licensure without meeting the instruction and training requirements.
The bill creates the Home Inspector Advisory Licensing Board, consisting of seven members, six who must be active inspectors and one who must be currently teaching in a home inspector education program.
The Director of the Department of Licensing has the authority to adopt rules; administer licensing exams and adopt exams prepared by other entities and adopt standards of professional conduct, practice and ethics. The director has the authority to suspend licenses.
To obtain a license, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Proof of a minimum of 120 hours of classroom instruction approved by the board
  • Proof of up to 40 hours of field training supervised by a licensed inspector
  • Passage of the psychometrically valid, reliable and legally defensible written exam required by the board

The term of a home inspector’s license shall be two years. License renewal would be contingent upon the home inspector’s successful completion of at least 24 hours of continuing education every two years.
Any person licensed under this chapter who is not also licensed as a pest inspector under chapter 15.58 RCW shall only refer in his report to rot or conducive conditions for WDOs and shall refer the identification of damage by WDO to a licensed structural pest inspector.
The bill outlines unprofessional conduct and lays out the hearing and investigation process into complaints. It also prohibits home inspectors from soliciting repair work on items listed in the inspection report until after the sale of the house is final.
Continuing education: 24 hours every 2 years
For more information contact the Washington State Department of Licensing at: