Home Inspection Requirements for New York

Home Inspection Regulated

License Type
Home Inspector

License Renewal Cycle
Every Two Years

Is Distance Education Allowed

Is Field Training And Experience Required

Experience Required
40 hous of unpaid inspection experience (part of pre licensing hours)

Is CE Required

CE Hours Required
24 Hours in 2 year period

Is CE Distance Education Allowed

Is Pre-Licensing Required

Pre-licensing Hours Required
140 hours total (see experience)

Regulating Body
Department of State Division of Licensing

Rules And Regulations
19 NY ADC 197-2.3 or 19 NYCRR 197-2.3

examination approved by the secretary, in consultation with the council

*Applicants whose license expiration renewal dates fall on or before December 30th, 2008 will need to complete six (6) hours of approved CE. Those that fall after December 30th 2008 will need to complete twenty four (24) hours of CE prior to renewal.

New York

New York License (Chapter 461 of the Laws of 2004) the "Home Inspector Professional Licensing Act" takes effect December 31, 2005 and requires that all home inspectors obtain a license. Home inspectors will be licensed for two years and must pay an initial fee of $250.00 and renewal fees of $100.00 thereafter. The basic provisions of the law include requirements for obtaining a license, including classroom education and on site inspection training, confirmation of an appropriate knowledge base via testing, the development of a required standard of practice and code of ethics, continuing education requirements for license renewal, and a duty of care of all license holders to the client. There are two routes to obtaining a license. An applicant must complete 140 hours of approved training, including 40 hours of unpaid inspection experience under the direct supervision of a licensed inspector, or have 100 hours of paid or unpaid inspection experience under the direct supervision of a licensed inspector. The applicant must also pass an approved written exam. Additionally, there are grandfathering provisions in the law that recognizes the value of prior experience. To receive a license under this provision, an inspector must have inspected at least 100 homes within the last two years and pass an approved exam, or have inspected at least 250 homes for compensation and have been a practicing inspector for at least three years, prior to the enforcement of this law.
There is an advisory Council consisting of 4 inspectors and 2 public members that must meet to advise the Secretary regarding the appropriate rules and regulations, education requirements, examination, standards of practice and code of ethics. The Council will suggest the number of hours needed to meet continuing education requirements.
The law requires that a licensed home inspector maintain appropriate general liability insurance.
Finally, Under the Duty of Care provisions, every home inspector must provide a written report to the client, indicating what components and systems were observed, and must maintain the client's wishes for confidentiality. The inspector may not do repairs on a home he/she has inspected for real estate sales purposes, inspect homes in which the inspector may have a financial interest, pay referral fees to agents or sellers, or inspect homes when payment is contingent upon closing, or pre-established or prescribed findings.
Continuing Education:
Any licensee who will renew on or before 12/30/08 will only be required to complete 6 hours. Renewals after 12/31/08 will require 24 hours of continuing education.
For more information contact Keith W. Stack, Deputy Secretary of State for Business and Licensing Services, New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services at:

Phone: (518) 474-4429
Fax: (518) 473-6648 fax

Website: http://www.dos.ny.gov/licensing/homeinspect/hinspector.html

Email: licensing@dos.state.ny.us