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No need to handle your own calls! With the ISG Call Center, you can choose from one of two plans to keep you covered:

Full Service – All of your appointments are booked online in real time using the Inspector Support Network. Never miss a call! Accept online payments, email confirmations, appointment reminders, set up access, and more!

Simple – Message only service, messages passed on to you in real time. No minimum fees, and only a $95 per month flat fee. (Must be using at least one of our services to qualify for the Simple plan.)

Both Call Center packages include a knowledgeable, industry specific staff, a free local phone number, and free personalized voice mail. The Call Center is now open to receive your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!

The ISG Call Center will allow you to have more time for inspections, marketing, writing reports, and family time!

For more information and pricing call 800-544-8156!

America's Call Center
Kansas City, MO

We Are Your Office! (Not a call center, just your friendly, personable, patient, knowledgeable, and trusty office)

You already suspect you should have your phone professionally answered.  Missed calls, messages returned too late, rushed calls...the bottom line is lost inspections...costing you money and adding to your stress.  Having an office sure would help.

Worried about the cost?  Here's why you shouldn't:

Missed calls = inspection opportunities $300, $400, $500+ or more each time!  (Plus the lost referrals)

Voicemail messages returned too late = same result...lost revenue piles up!

Calls rushed because you're with a client or agent...poor impression of you to the caller, plus your client and agent give you the evil eye!

Background noise disruptive...poor impression of you, not very professional, the caller moves on!

The cost is not a worry because it is costing you more not to have us as your office.


Here's why you can trust us with your phone and reputation: 

We serve home inspectors only, no one else...since 1998, so we know all about home inspections, the daily life of a home inspector.

We get to know you deeply...your background, your services & pricing, even down to the kind of vehicle you drive, and we get know your agents by name.

You get your own small office staff...we're a small company, but we divide ourselves into smaller teams so you (and your callers!) get personal service and even your own account manager.

Your office staff with us is the part-timers, temps, or seasonal help...mature, inspection-knowledgeable, and permanent staff only.

The three things we hear our inspectors say most are "Wow, before you guys, I really was missing inspections!", "My agents and clients love my office.", and "You gave me my life back!"


Get familiar with us...see Services, Reviews, Meet Your Office.   We know you'll see the answer is here, America's Call Center – Inspector Office Solutions, and put us to work for you!

"The client said that she had called three inspectors, all ASHI certified and that because of the way you handled the call and represented me it was an easy choice for her to make. That was a $580.00 inspection, so thank you Erin and the team for what you do!" Terry Boring, AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service

"The market in my area is down 5% compared to last year, but I am ahead about 10%.  You guys are the reason!" – Mike Rawlings, Emery Home Inspection

"I cannot imagine running my business without America's Call Center. You do exactly what you say you will do, increase profits." – Mike Hesterberg, Building Inspections & Environments

Give us a call at 888-462-6153, or Contact Us --- we'd love to hear from you and it will be our pleasure to serve you!

In most markets, 15% of all real estate listings include a swimming pool and 50% or more of homebuyers are open to owning a home with a swimming pool. With 70,000 new pools built every year in the United States and an estimated 5.3 million homes with pools in the ground, becoming a PoolFax Certified Home Inspector is a great way to increase your business income.

PoolFax is the only national branded pool assessment program that seeks to help you grow your business.

How You Make Money

As a PoolFax home inspector, you can make up to 25% more on home inspections you’re already doing with inground pools. PoolFax offers you two immediate ways to make more revenue from trips you’re already making.

  1. Score the pool. Fast, simple and extremely value to your Realtors and homeowners. Generates an additional $50 in service fees.
  2. Inspect the pool. Spend a little more time gathering information for us to generate the report, and create an average of $200 in service fees.

How It Works

All the home inspector has to do is fill out an online form and upload pictures. PoolFax does the analysis and will forward PDF documents that the inspector can provide to the client. The turnaround time is typically one day.

Being a PoolFax Home Inspector is easy. Making money by providing PoolFax scoring and inspections is easier.

Have a discussion now with a PoolFax manager who can explain the process and answer your questions.

Man studying

Who needs a PoolFax Certified Inspector & why?

The core market for PoolFax home inspectors revolves around real estate transactions – when homes are bought and sold.  The problem: no one in the traditional buy/sell process knows enough about the critical pool components for greater homeownership confidence. In addition, there is a growing opportunity for PoolFax certified home inspectors to expand their business by offering valuable, but simple pool assessments (PF Classification & QScore), or even advanced PoolFax certified inspections, to homeowners considering a pool remodel.

Modern Swimming Pool
Home Inspection Report

Enter PoolFax

The PoolFax Certified Inspection removes fear and doubt. Here is what our reports provide:

1.    A multi-page report about the condition of the pool
2.    A current market classification rating with a “Quality of Ownership” (QScore)
3.    Recommendations on improving classification or to forestall pending repairs
4.    Assessments on a pool’s eligibility for any extended warranty programs available

Believe it or not, nothing like PoolFax currently exists, and the market and need is immense.