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TOTAL ONLINE PRESENCE – (TOP) 3.0E Marketing Program

Consistent. Valuable. Everywhere. It’s all included in this package for the home inspector that is ready to become a business owner. TOP 3.0E includes:

  • FREE Inspection Super Conference AND Ultimate Inspection Conference Tickets (2 tickets to each)
  • 4 business meetings w/ Patty Thornberry each year (2 will be during our conferences)
  • Private TOP 3.0 Facebook discussion group
  • Call Center – Simple or Base Fee FREE (no minimum bookings)
  • Ultimate Claims & Complaints Support for your website
  • Business Advisor on call 24/7 with Nathan Thornberry
  • Custom 18 month warranty brochures (custom with your logo)
  • FREE Custom Concierge Flyers (design, printed and shipped)
  • (1) FREE hour of graphic design per month
  • 10% off all Print Services and FREE shipping
  • 5% off any Tool Order (FREE 6 month financing over $1k & FREE Shipping)
  • Custom Concierge Website ( As long as you qualify and you will have to have your own domain name but we will host the site and make changes for you)
  • Here is a sample of this website we make for you:
  • Custom 100 Page Website with DIY Videos (We build the site and provide the domain)
  • Here is a sample of this website we make for you:
  • Warranty Dealership Program – This program is set up to allow you to offer the RWS Warranty to your buyer and agents. We will make a custom website that has all the information and allows online ordering and get paid with each order as well as getting the 6 month extension on the 12 month warranty your clients can take advantage of.
  • Here is a sample of this website we make for you:
  • FREE Radon Protection Plan for all buyers (when there is a radon test done at the home. This is added into your Resource tab in your account when you are on the TOP 3.0E program)
  • TOP members also get the PLUS warranty that includes everything the current warranty covers as well as irrigation lines, refrigerators, washer/dryers, pool/spa: pumps/motors/heaters, garage door openers and sump pumps (assuming you inspect these items). The PLUS warranty is no extra cost and will be added in the TOP folder to the Resource tab.

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Fax          | 877.307.7056
Address | PO Box 797 | Carmel | IN | 46082

Mr. Fix-it / How to operate your home

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Enter.Net has refined the art of professionalism and customer service that only decades of experience can provide. Family owned and operated since 1995, it’s the local, personalized experience that has made loyal partners out of thousands of businesses and organizations throughout the country.


Complete Appliance Protection
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HomeBinder is a digital 3-ring binder for the homeowner.

Join the hundreds of Home Inspectors who use HomeBinder to stay relevant with millennial clients and market to Real Estate Agents.

HomeBinder's "digital 3-ring binder" will provide your clients with:

  1. A full service home management app
  2. An automated maintenance schedule
  3. Appliance recall alerts
  4. And much more (paint colors by room, contractor contact information, etc.)

Everything can be fully automated and it only costs about $2 per inspection! 

ADT-Secure24 not only protects you and your family 24/7, it gives you a peace of mind! Call today 1-866-203-6691, or visit us at

Security Provider, Home Security, ADT Security, Commercial Security, St. Louis Security Systems, Nationwide Security Systems. Referral Program for Real Estate & Insurance Agents.

In most markets, 15% of all real estate listings include a swimming pool and 50% or more of homebuyers are open to owning a home with a swimming pool. With 70,000 new pools built every year in the United States and an estimated 5.3 million homes with pools in the ground, becoming a PoolFax Certified Home Inspector is a great way to increase your business income.

PoolFax is the only national branded pool assessment program that seeks to help you grow your business.

How You Make Money

As a PoolFax home inspector, you can make up to 25% more on home inspections you’re already doing with inground pools. PoolFax offers you two immediate ways to make more revenue from trips you’re already making.

  1. Score the pool. Fast, simple and extremely value to your Realtors and homeowners. Generates an additional $50 in service fees.
  2. Inspect the pool. Spend a little more time gathering information for us to generate the report, and create an average of $200 in service fees.

How It Works

All the home inspector has to do is fill out an online form and upload pictures. PoolFax does the analysis and will forward PDF documents that the inspector can provide to the client. The turnaround time is typically one day.

Being a PoolFax Home Inspector is easy. Making money by providing PoolFax scoring and inspections is easier.

Have a discussion now with a PoolFax manager who can explain the process and answer your questions.

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Who needs a PoolFax Certified Inspector & why?

The core market for PoolFax home inspectors revolves around real estate transactions – when homes are bought and sold.  The problem: no one in the traditional buy/sell process knows enough about the critical pool components for greater homeownership confidence. In addition, there is a growing opportunity for PoolFax certified home inspectors to expand their business by offering valuable, but simple pool assessments (PF Classification & QScore), or even advanced PoolFax certified inspections, to homeowners considering a pool remodel.

Modern Swimming Pool
Home Inspection Report

Enter PoolFax

The PoolFax Certified Inspection removes fear and doubt. Here is what our reports provide:

1.    A multi-page report about the condition of the pool
2.    A current market classification rating with a “Quality of Ownership” (QScore)
3.    Recommendations on improving classification or to forestall pending repairs
4.    Assessments on a pool’s eligibility for any extended warranty programs available

Believe it or not, nothing like PoolFax currently exists, and the market and need is immense.

Vanguard Emergency Management

Leading the Way in Community Response and Recovery

Vanguard EM holds a federal contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to conduct disaster housing inspections in the aftermath of large-scale disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms and earthquakes. Upon receiving notification from FEMA, Vanguard EM deploys inspectors to the declared disaster locations to assess damaged homes and record damages. 


As an independent contractor of VEM, you are required :

  • To be a US Citizen
  • Pass a Moderate Level Public Trust background investigation
  • Have the flexibility to deploy to disaster locations as needed 
If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity: Contact or Joy Outram at (540) 665-3329

We look forward to connecting with you!