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Attention ASHI members - While inspecting a home, please be aware of the open corner posts which allow mice, rodents, bees hornets and other pests like snakes and rats direct access into the home owners attic. Please let the home owner know they can now stop such invasions with KritterCaps®

KritterCaps® are designed to keep Mice, Insects and other Pests out of the attic, saving the home owner thousands of dollars in damage and repairs.

The Corner Insert is designed to positively stop Mice from entering the attic through an open corner post on vinyl sided homes. They not only STOP rodents, bats and snakes from entering the attic, they also STOP bees, wasps and hornets from building nests in the open corner post. They are easy to install, won=t fall out and won=t deteriorate over time. They are environmentally safe, they don=t require screws, glues or caulk to hold them in place. There are no dangerous springs and they do not require a battery or power source for them to work.

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