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Why insure with InspectorPro? Because we give our insureds with more than other providers. Here are our top five benefits: 

1. First-Rate Risk Management

Stop worrying about how you might get a claim and start doing things to prevent them. Our risk management team publishes new material twice a month so that you stay informed about your industry and get impactful insights into your insurance policy. We interview professional claims handlers, Ivy League professors, inspection school owners, and fellow home inspectors to give you exclusive information. Subscribe to our newsletter below to send cutting-edge content straight to your inbox.

2. Premier Pre-Claims Assistance

Potential claims keeping you awake at night? Why worry when your policy comes with pre-claims assistance? With pre-claims assistance, you get free help responding to unhappy clients so they’re less likely to make a claim against your business. Our risk management team prevents 85% of complaints from turning into claims. And even if you’re in that 15% that has a claim after all, you benefit from immediate defense

council that increases the likelihood of a quicker and cheaper resolution. Plus, we’ll give you 50% off your deductible for using our pre-claims service first. That’s what we call a win-win.

3. Diminishing Simple Deductible

Don’t get tricked into paying more for claims when you don’t have to. With InspectorPro’s simple deductible, you don’t pay until your claim closes. That means you get all the defense before you pay out. And if closing the claim costs less than your simple deductible, you pay that lesser amount. As if not having claims isn’t enough, we reward our insureds for each consecutive year of no claims with us by “diminishing” or decreasing their deductible up to 50%.

4. Quality Customer Service

Just because you’re a niche industry doesn’t mean you have to rely on a one-man show. We’re a team of 15 licensed insurance brokers—five times the staff size of competing brokerages—and we work exclusively with home inspectors so we can give you the time and specialization you deserve. We work with multiple carriers so that we can match your business with the right coverage. And we perform the majority of our underwriting in-house, which allows us to send quotes, adjust coverage, and create certificates in 24 business hours or less. Best of all, our staffing size makes it possible for someone to be there to answer your calls and emails quickly and efficiently.

5. Separate E&O and GL Limits

We know that the main reason you’re buying home inspection insurance is to protect your business and your clients, so we don’t cut corners. Rather than giving you just one dollar amount for claims coverage each year, we give you two: one for E&O and one for GL claims, because we know you need both. That gives you more protection for your worst-case scenarios and more autonomy in case you’re more concerned about one type of coverage than the other.


 Don’t settle for insurance coverage that doesn’t meet your needs. Your business deserves the same safeguard you give your clients. Let us protect while you inspect. 

Target has been serving the insurance needs of home inspectors across the U.S. for over 22 years, giving us an exceptional understanding of your business and your insurance needs. We can confidently say we offer you a genuine value for your insurance dollar. For example, as a Target customer and an ASHI member, you'll automatically receive a 15% premium discount (the highest discount available today).  

Plus, you’ll find that Target offers extensive coverage options that allow you to design your own policy.

Every policy includes special, no-cost features such as Identity Theft Recovery Coverage.

Firms of all sizes are eligible to apply for coverage, including solo inspectors, start-up companies, and firms with multiple inspectors in any number of locations.  It’s important to note that Target is happy to work with your insurance agent, or we can work directly with you.  Also noteworthy, our insurance company partner is rated A+ (Superior) so you can be confident about their financial stability and their ability to pay claims.

For much more information including applications, please visit us at  We’re happy to offer you a no-obligation premium estimate, or a firm quote when you submit a full application.  You’re also welcome to contact Target directly and let us know how we can help.  Call or email:

Fausto Petruzziello
(973) 396-1790

Thank you for considering Target Professional Programs.  We look forward to serving your insurance needs!

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The InspectorPro Insurance Program is specifically designed for Home Inspectors. By combining Errors and Omission (E&O) with General Liability insurance in one package, InspectorPro helps Inspectors get the full coverage they need with enhanced benefits and savings. Our team has well over 50 years of combined experience providing specialized insurance solutions in the real estate field. Our claims managers have administered and defended claims for Inspectors and other real estate services for over 20 years.  

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