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WolfPack Advising is the Alpha in Online Presence and one-on-one Business Advising for home inspectors. If you are looking to streamline your business procedures, enhance your web design, dominate social media, and takeover Google searches, our industry peer experts can help you do it.

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Want to save time and work on writing reports at end of a long hard day in the field? With our mobile app, you can get work done faster and easier in the field, and spend less time on computer. 

Use Husky mobile app to take inspection photos & videos, add comment & labels, and transfer them wirelessly to your Cloud drive and PC. Photos and notes are organized. Drop them into reports and estimates in just minutes. No extra gear or software skills needed. Easy to use, no training required. 


Lanna Potter, CEO, CPA
Mailing Address: 2870 Peachtree RD NW, Ste 915-7002, Atlanta, GA 30305



Albuquerque, NM


How to Operate Your Home

How to operate your home
Marketing products that help your customers … and boost your business!

Horizon Inspection Software enables you to quickly and easily produce crystal clear information in an elegantly simple report form.

You have immediate access to everything you need to create outstanding home inspection reports. With 1700 colour illustrations and the ability to add and edit photos, you can create amazing, high quality reports.  Horizon leads you through the process and makes sure you don’t forget anything. The more professional your report, the more people trust you and your service. It’s a win-win business solution for you and your clients. 

Horizon puts you in full control, no matter where you are.

HORIZON Home Inspection Reporting System by Carson Dunlop

America's Call Center
Kansas City, MO

We Are Your Office! (Not a call center, just your friendly, personable, patient, knowledgeable, and trusty office)

You already suspect you should have your phone professionally answered.  Missed calls, messages returned too late, rushed calls...the bottom line is lost inspections...costing you money and adding to your stress.  Having an office sure would help.

Worried about the cost?  Here's why you shouldn't:

Missed calls = inspection opportunities $300, $400, $500+ or more each time!  (Plus the lost referrals)

Voicemail messages returned too late = same result...lost revenue piles up!

Calls rushed because you're with a client or agent...poor impression of you to the caller, plus your client and agent give you the evil eye!

Background noise disruptive...poor impression of you, not very professional, the caller moves on!

The cost is not a worry because it is costing you more not to have us as your office.


Here's why you can trust us with your phone and reputation: 

We serve home inspectors only, no one else...since 1998, so we know all about home inspections, the daily life of a home inspector.

We get to know you deeply...your background, your services & pricing, even down to the kind of vehicle you drive, and we get know your agents by name.

You get your own small office staff...we're a small company, but we divide ourselves into smaller teams so you (and your callers!) get personal service and even your own account manager.

Your office staff with us is the part-timers, temps, or seasonal help...mature, inspection-knowledgeable, and permanent staff only.

The three things we hear our inspectors say most are "Wow, before you guys, I really was missing inspections!", "My agents and clients love my office.", and "You gave me my life back!"


Get familiar with us...see Services, Reviews, Meet Your Office.   We know you'll see the answer is here, America's Call Center – Inspector Office Solutions, and put us to work for you!

"The client said that she had called three inspectors, all ASHI certified and that because of the way you handled the call and represented me it was an easy choice for her to make. That was a $580.00 inspection, so thank you Erin and the team for what you do!" Terry Boring, AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service

"The market in my area is down 5% compared to last year, but I am ahead about 10%.  You guys are the reason!" – Mike Rawlings, Emery Home Inspection

"I cannot imagine running my business without America's Call Center. You do exactly what you say you will do, increase profits." – Mike Hesterberg, Building Inspections & Environments

Give us a call at 888-462-6153, or Contact Us --- we'd love to hear from you and it will be our pleasure to serve you!

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