ASHI Energy Home

Homes For the Holidays Contest: ASHI Energy Home

We are excited to announce that we are hosting the ASHI Homes for the Holiday Contest once again…with a twist! This year, we are partnering with our friends at ID Energy, ASHI’s official Home Energy Score Service Provider. And together we came up with this year’s home design: The ASHI Energy Home.

In the second year of the contest, we wanted to kick things up a notch: we will be selecting 2 lucky winners! Each of the 2 winners will be awarded a free year of ASHI membership, as well as ID Energy’s Fast Track Package which includes everything you need to become a Certified Home Energy Score Assessor: SIM training, Mentoring, & 5 QAs.

Just like last year, to enter the contest you’ll need to:

  • Build the ASHI Energy Home
  • Take a picture of it
  • Post it on social using #ASHIEnergyHome

Submissions will be accepted until December 17th.

Having trouble building your Energy Home? Watch the video below for step by step instructions.

Past Homes Designs

Download Blue Template

Download Green Template

Download Red Template

Download Yellow Template

Download Black/White Template

How to Build Your ASHI Home

Step-by-step Home Building Instruction:

  • Get a pair of scissors or an exacto knife and cut the house along the dashed lines.

  • Be sure to cut into the marked slots.

  • Once the whole house is cut out, fold and crease all the white tabs along the edges of the house.

  • Next crease the edges along the square shaped panels.

  • Interlock the 2 farthest end tabs by sliding the cut slots together.

  • Fold in one of the roof panels, pushing the white tab at the end through the peak. Helpful tip: Once the first roof tab is in place fold up and under for more ease when inserting the second tab.Repeat this process for the second roof panel

  • Repeat both of these steps for the bottom panels.