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Amidst Varying State Standards, ASHI Locator Helps Ensure Quality


Sheena Quinn
Public Communications, Inc.

Wide disparities in requirements among states that regulate home inspectors make it all the more important that homebuyers and sellers turn to qualified resources to find an expert who can help ensure the successful purchase and sale of a home, according to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). The organization, a not for profit professional society and the nation's largest group of home inspectors, provides a home inspector locator at its Web site (www.homeinspector.org) and at its toll-free number (1-800-743-2744.)

Earlier this year, ASHI evaluated and ranked the 25 states with existing regulation procedures for home inspectors. Using qualifying factors such as the licensing procedures and requirements, adherence to a standard of practice and outlining prohibited acts, the rankings reflect the degree to which state regulations meet ASHI home inspector standards, explained Mike Casey, president of the 6,000-member organization. "ASHI has long been considered the standard for our industry, so we thought it was time to see how the states stand up to the test," said Casey.

The study revealed a sizable discrepancy in standards and requirements among the states, which Casey attributed, in part, to the rapid development in recent years of home inspector registration and licensure. The study also revealed that many programs are seriously flawed and mistakenly lead consumers to believe that they are hiring a "qualified" inspector.

"Unfortunately, many state home inspector laws do not increase the likelihood a consumer will locate a qualified, professional home inspector," said Casey. "Home buyers and sellers can be confident of locating a professional by visiting our Web site or calling us toll-free. Moreover, they should consult these resources early in the homebuying and selling process. They should not wait until a purchase offer has been made and accepted to begin looking for a qualified inspector. Homebuyers and sellers need to take the time to learn what an inspection includes and how the information it provides can be used to protect their interests."

Inside ASHI.org

Additional informational tools available for homebuyers at www.homeinspector.org include:

  1. Answers to frequently asked questions about home inspections
  2. What to expect from an ASHI Inspection
  3. Links to important real estate and home related Web sites
  4. Qualifications for membership in ASHI
  5. The names of ASHI members in their area
  6. An evaluation of home inspector regulations by state.

"Being well-informed is the best way to reduce the stress of buying a home," explained Casey. "Our Web site provides information that can help homeowners make smart decisions whether they are buying their first home or planning for retirement."

For More Information

In addition to the ASHI Web site, those interested in obtaining more information about the American Society of Home Inspectors or the names of ASHI members near them may also contact the organization at 932 Lee Street, Suite 101, Des Plaines, IL 60016.