Purpose and scope

  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose & Scope
  3. Structural System
  4. Exterior
  5. Roof System
  6. Plumbing System
  7. Electrical System
  8. Heating System
  9. Air Conditioning Systems
  10. Interior
  11. Insulation and Ventilation
  12. Fireplaces and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances
  13. General Limitations and Exclusions
  14. Glossary of Italicized Terms


2.1 The purpose of this document is to establish a minimum standard (Standard) for home inspections performed by home inspectors who subscribe to this Standard.  Home inspections performed using this Standard are intended to provide the client with information about the condition of inspected systems and components at the time of the home inspection.

2.2 The inspector shall:
  1. inspect readily accessible, visually observable, installed systems and components listed in this Standard.

  2. provide the client with a written report, using a format and medium selected by the inspector, that states:
    1. those systems and components inspected that, in the professional judgment of the inspector, are not functioning properly, significantly deficient, unsafe, or are near the end of their service lives,

    2. recommendations to correct, or monitor for future correction, the deficiencies reported in 2.2.B.1, or items needing further evaluation (Per Exclusion 13.2.A.5 the inspector is NOT required to determine methods, materials, or costs of corrections.),

    3. reasoning or explanation as to the nature of the deficiencies reported in 2.2.B.1, that are not self-evident,

    4. those systems and components designated for inspection in this Standard that were present at the time of the home inspection but were not inspected and the reason(s) they were not inspected.

  3. adhere to the ASHI® Code of Ethics for the Home Inspection Profession.
2.3 This Standard is not intended to limit the inspector from:
  1. including other services or systems and components in addition to those required in Section 2.2.A.

  2. designing or specifying repairs, provided the inspector is appropriately qualified and willing to do so.

  3. excluding systems and components from the inspection if requested or agreed to by the client.