ASHI Reporter January 2014, Inspecting

Radon Is Real And It Causes Cancer

This article is the first of two addressing the number-one environmental hazard in the home, radon gas. The first part addresses radon gas, the scientific evidence of radon as a known carcinogen and general background information. The second part discusses radon testing, radon mitigation and the business case for radon testing as an ancillary home inspection service.

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ASHI Reporter January 2014, Focus on Ethics

Handling Complaints

In this article, we will get into the nitty-gritty of it by discussing strategies to avoid complaints from the start. Ultimately this strategy can help set the right expectations for your business and enhance the experience of your customer and real estate professionals.

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ASHI Reporter January 2014, New Certified Inspectors

Officers, Directors and Committees

The president-elect automatically becomes the president. The winners will be installed at the IW 2014 Board Meeting in Nashville and will serve immediately afterward.

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