JUNE 2013
ASHI Reporter June 2013, Feature

Combustion Air for Furnaces

Combustion air is necessary for burning fuel such as gas, oil and wood. For a furnace to work properly, it must have an adequate supply of combustion air.

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ASHI Reporter June 2013, Feature

Silent Alarms; Deadly Differences

There are two basic types of residential smoke alarms sold in the U.S.: ionization and photoelectric. Understanding the difference could very well save your life.

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ASHI Reporter June 2013, Feature

2013 ASHI Membership Survey

In March of this year 1,443 of you responded to our latest membership survey. The staff at ASHI is busy comparing these results to those of the 2010 survey along with comments and suggestions you provided.

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ASHI Reporter June 2013, Feature

Nasty Microbes in Bat and Bird Droppings

Have you ever stuck your head in an attic filled with bat guano or bird droppings and wondered if you should have put on your respirator or filtering face-piece? Next time, you should. The guano and droppings may harbor infectious microbes.

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ASHI Reporter June 2013, The Word

DWV Systems:

Our subject this month: the drain, waste and vent (DWV) system. It’s been a while since we discussed this subject. The Word hopes that a review with a different perspective will prove useful, especially for new readers.

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