JULY 2012
ASHI Reporter July 2012, Feature

The Word: Deficient Reporting

The Word's subject this month is deficient reporting. The Word finds this subject interesting because deficient reporting is a common reason why inspectors get into trouble. Deficient reporting is a problem that hurts not only individual inspectors, but also hurts the industry.

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ASHI Reporter July 2012, Feature

Editor's Note: Fortitude

This was an interesting year for National Hockey League fans. As we were finishing up this issue of the magazine, the Los Angles Kings were capturing their first Stanley Cup — ice hockey’s equivalent to the Super Bowl or the World Series — after a 45-year drought. Hockey and home inspection

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ASHI Reporter July 2012, Feature

Update on ASHI Certification

More tips on how to incorporate the ACI designation and ASHI brand into your personal marketing.

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ASHI Reporter July 2012, Feature

FVIR ((Flammable Vapor Ignition-Resistant) Water Heaters

Natural gas and propane (LP) fired water heaters have caused fires in some homes where flammable liquids such as gasoline have been poorly handled near the water heater. Gas spills can be ignited by the water heater burner.

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