ASHI Reporter October 2016, Being Frank

Dog Days of Summer? Where? Not here at ASHI!

I’ve talked to a lot of inspectors and it seems like the housing market is booming just about everywhere. As a matter of fact, it’s so hot in some areas of North America that some folks are forgoing inspections because there are several contracts on the same house and they’re afraid they’ll lose the bid.

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ASHI Reporter October 2016, Feature

"Health Sells": Serve Your Clients in a New Way by Offering the Healthy Home Checkup

You might have noticed that some articles in the Reporter these past few months have fallen under a “health” theme. Although many of these articles have described ways to improve or maintain inspectors’ health, there’s another key aspect to health that home inspectors can tap into to help your clients and your bottom line: Consider offering the Healthy Home CheckupTM by Healthy Housing Solutions, Inc.® as an additional service.

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ASHI Reporter October 2016, Feature

Barometric Damper (Draft Regulator) on Oil-fired Appliances

Oil-burning furnaces and boilers have a different venting system than gas appliances. Oil burners are forced draft and operate at higher temperatures than gas burners. Oil burners draw in combustion air through a fan, and the air mixes with oil droplets under pressure. There is some excess air, but like a gas furnace, not enough to ensure good draft. We need to add draft air.

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ASHI Reporter October 2016, Feature

Basic Marketing Concepts

As you think about a marketing strategy for your home inspection business, you should understand some fundamental terms and concepts. In this article, we’ll start with differentiating marketing and sales, and then we’ll discuss features versus benefits.

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ASHI Reporter October 2016, Feature

Are Your Recommendations Based on Accurate Information?

In the fall and winter of 2011, I inspected a 10- to 12-year-old townhouse complex to assess chronic ice damming and moisture intrusion concerns.

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