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Randall Pence of Capitol Hill Advocates, Inc. is ASHI’s lobbyist in the nation’s capitol. He reports activities inside the Beltway of interest to home inspectors, as well as ASHI’s successes in advocating on behalf of the home inspection profession.

Articles authored

ASHI Hails U.S. House Passage of Patent Trolling Legislation, February 2014

Recap of ASHI’s Recent Response to Federal Activities, January 2013

HUD Reports Counseling Program Successes: ASHI to Assist, July 2012

ASHI Makes Case in National Government Forum for New Class of Federally Endorsed Inspections, August 2011

ASHI Supports HUD New Safe/Healthy Homes Initiative, Lobbies for Robust Inspection Components, July 2011

Implementing ASHI Legislation, May 2011

HUD Extends Property-Flipping Waiver: Retains Property Inspection Provision, March 2011

Consumers Benefit from Major Home Inspection Legislation, September 2010

Possible Breakthrough on ASHI Legislation in Congress, May 2010

Drywall Update from Washington, February 2010

Cerification: Benefits to ASHI's Lobbying Efforts, December 2009

ASHI Working for You in Washington, D.C., August 2009

House Committee Adopts ASHI Legislation for Home Inspection Counseling, June 2009

Stimulus, Stimulus and More Stimulus, March 2009

ASHI to Washington: “Home Inspection is a Tool to Help the Home Sales Crisis”, January 2009

Opportunity for Congress and Mr. Obama: Fix the Home Office Tax Deduction, December 2008

ASHI Offers Proposals to Help Address Mortgage Crisis, November 2008

Housing Bill Passes Congress, September 2008

Special Report: ASHI Lobbying for You in Washington, August 2008

Senate Committee Moves to Break Logjam on Housing Bill, July 2008

ASHI's Man in Washington Pushes ASHI Agenda, May 2008

Flood Your Representatives' Mailboxes, April 2008

U.S. House of Representatives Introduces ASHI-Inspired Bill on Home Inspection Counseling, March 2008

House of Representatives Introduces Key Subprime Mortgage Reform Bill, December 2007

Capitol Hill, ASHI Act on Subprime Mortgage Credit, November 2007

HUD/FHA Modernization Bill Clears Committee, Headed for Floor Action, July 2007

Government Affairs Special Report, February 2007

IRS Notice: Home Office Deduction Reminders, January 2007

HUD Upgrades Appearance, Timing of Key Home Inspection Message, December 2006

House Overwhelmingly Approves Landmark FHA Legislation, September 2006

Federal Policy Agenda Highlights, June 2006

ASHI Builds Relationship with HUD and VA, August 2005

ASHI Strategizes with Policy-Makers in Washington, D.C., July 2005

ASHI Endorsed Provision Included in Housing Bill, May 2005

Congress Considers: Will collective bargaining give small business and associations some muscle negotiating with health insurers?, April 2005

2004 Elections Mean an Active 2005 for ASHI "Inside the Beltway", January 2005

ASHI Prepared to Promote Issues Regardless of Election Outcome, October 2004

Feds Publish Report on Home Inspection, August 2004

Update on Interest-Bearing Checking Accounts, June 2004

Gao, Congress & HUD Moving on ASHI Issues, May 2004

Legislative Alert, January 2004

ASHI engages HUD, GAO in Washington, D.C., November 2003

ASHI, Voice of the Profession in Washington, September 2003

Welcome News for the ASHI Membership, July 2003

ASHI Submits Recommendationis Regarding RESPA, December 2002

Government Relations Status Report, November 2002

Capitol Hill/HUD Action Affects Interests of ASHI Membership, June 2002

ASHI Responds to HUD's Request for Comments, December 2001

Congressman Requests GAO Study on Home Inspection, October 2001