What is a Contingent Offer When Buying a House

By Bill Gassett | October 14, 2020



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Cleaning Your Gutters: 4 Ways to Avoid Costly Repairs

Your gutter system is a crucial component that works to keep water away from your home. To do this, however, they need to be correctly maintained and cleaned regularly. An often-dreaded chore among homeowners, cleaning your gutters can undoubtedly be one of the more tedious and dirty jobs as part of your responsibilities as a homeowner. Staying on top of proper gutter maintenance is incredibly important, and when left unchecked, can result in damages to your home that are costly to repair.

Market Sees Recent Relief, but Housing Shortage Still Looms Large

The 2021 real estate market continues to be full of surprises, with homebuyers catching a break between continued low mortgage rates and more homes unexpectedly being listed. While these short-term trends offer some hope for eager homebuyers, it is unclear how long they will last before regressing to the slowed market we have to come to see.

The Homebuyer's Guide to Roofs

Whether you are looking for your first home or want to remain a responsible homeowner, it's essential to know about the condition of your and its different systems. When looking at homes to buy or just continuing maintenance on your home, one of the critical areas to keep an eye on is the roof.