Trends in Indoor Air Quality and the Need for Environmental Testing

By Javid Kelley | August 01, 2020



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How to For Sale By Owner

If you are looking to sell your home, the temptation to save money by avoiding a REALTORĀ® can be attractive. Real estate agents normally charge 5 or 6 percent for their services, that's $18,000 if your house is selling for $300,000. But, is planting a "For Sale by Owner" sign in your front yard really going to save you thousands?

Down Payment vs Earnest Money: How Do They Differ

Buying or selling a home can quickly become confusing when you are not used to the process. The situation isn't helped when you encounter unfamiliar terms used in real estate transactions. I can tell you from being in the real estate business for the past thirty-three years; one of the most questioned topics is about the money a buyer comes up with when purchasing a home.

Inspection Connection Podcast: Episode 8

Cocktails in hand, Rose gives a deep dive into her marketing specialty (Social Media)... and Brad gets indignant about preferred vendors lists and turning the tables on the pay-to-play schemes popular with larger real estate brokerages.