Customer Service in the COVID-19 Era

By Scott Brown | July 01, 2020



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4 Benefits of Buying a Home in the Winter

The real estate market operates in cycles: the busy season is kicking off in the spring, where transactions ramp up and slow down as the winter months take hold. Traditionally, the Winter is regarded as the “off-season” within real estate, and the market is not as robust as the middle of summer.

Get Your Home Organized For Good

Are you constantly tidying your home only for it to be in disarray in a matter of days, perhaps even hours later? Then you aren't alone. One in four Americans have a problem with clutter in their homes, and it's not surprising given that the average household contains as many as 300,000 items.

7 Tips to Protect Your Home from Freezing Temperatures

In the dead of winter, cold snaps that bring freezing temperatures can linger for weeks and even months in some places. Depending on where you live, you may not experience such intense bouts of weather, but it brings an extra set of risks and dangers for homeowners. For those who experience this severe cold weather, it’s best to prepare yourself and your home to ensure you stay safe and warm even on the coldest nights.