Keith Oberg Receives the 2006 Ironman Award
From the American Society of Home Inspectors



Sheena Quinn
Public Communications, Inc.

Keith Oberg of Professional Home Inspection Service in Binghamton, N.Y., has been awarded the 2006 Ironman Award from the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) for his contributions to ASHI and its Membership. The award was presented by the Society in Anaheim, Calif., during the group’s recent Annual Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony held in conjunction with InspectionWorld 2007, the premier annual conference of professional home inspectors.

Established in 1998, the Ironman Award, presented by outgoing ASHI President Joe Corsetto, recognizes an individual Member who has given his or her time, energy, talent and determination to ASHI over a long period of time and with little recognition. 

“This individual lives by the principles of what makes a professional home inspector,” said Corsetto during the award presentation.  “Dedication to high-quality inspection services and consumer protection are his trademarks.”

Oberg is a Member of the Central New York Chapter and ASHI Ethics Committee Chair. He closely follows the Society’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice in his own practice and writes a monthly column for the ASHI Reporter, the Society’s monthly magazine, to help fellow ASHI Members interpret the Code of Ethics as it applies to their businesses.

“It’s no surprise to me that Keith’s work and ethics, paired with his advocacy of other committees throughout the years, has earned him high respect among his peers,” added Corsetto.

The ASHI Difference

While the majority of homeowners are on the right track with obtaining a home inspection for buying, selling and maintenance purposes, the difference in quality, and therefore, the protection of a homeowners' financial interests, can best be realized when the inspection is performed by an experienced, professional home inspector.

"ASHI's qualifications for full membership are the highest of any professional home inspection society in the U.S.," added Lesh.  "Its Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics is the gold standard of the industry that all others strive to meet.

To locate an ASHI Member, homeowners and homebuyers can use ASHI's advanced "Find an Inspector" tool by logging on to  The search engine allows users to identify an ASHI Member in there area by language, specialty or ancillary services provided.  For more information, visit or call 800-743-2744.

About the American Society of Home Inspectors

In its 31st year and with nearly 7,000 members, ASHI is the oldest and most widely recognized non-profit, professional organization of home inspectors in North America.  Its Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics are the industry standard.  ASHI’s mission is to meet the needs of its membership and promote excellence and exemplary practice within the profession.  For more information, visit or call 800-743-2744.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  To request a photo of Mr. Oberg or to arrange an interview, please contact Lisa Gunggoll or Christiana Brenner of Manning Selvage & Lee at 312-861-5200.


Recipients of the Ironman Award

YEAR                        RECIPIENT
2006                            Keith Oberg
2005                            Mark Cramer
2004                            Skip Kelley
2003                            Brion Grant
2002                            None Presented
2001                            JD Grewell
2000                            Joe Corsetto
1999                            Ron Passaro, Gerry Loesch