Joseph Corsetto Elected 24th President of ASHI
Homebuyers and Sellers Have Reason to Believe in ASHI


Sheena Quinn
Public Communications, Inc.

Joseph Corsetto of ShelterWorks, Inc., Dover, N.J., has been elected president of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Celebrating 30 years, and nearly 6,000 Members strong, ASHI is the oldest and most respected non-profit association for professional home inspectors in North America. Corsetto was elected at ASHI's 30th annual InspectionWorld Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Corsetto became an ASHI member in 1984, and has since held both local and national positions.  A former president of the Garden State chapter of ASHI, Corsetto has also served as ASHI national director, secretary, treasurer, vice president and president elect.

 "While the majority of homeowners are on the right track with obtaining a home inspection for buying, selling and maintenance purposes, the difference in quality, and therefore, the protection of a homeowners' financial interests, can best be realized when the inspection is performed by an experienced, professional home inspector," said Corsetto. In fact, "working with an ASHI Inspector is a homebuyer's best assurance of an inspector's qualifications and professionalism."

During his presidency Corsetto will reinforce how working with an ASHI Inspector can provide peace of mind in a consumer's purchasing decision. "Only an ASHI Inspector can deliver The ASHI Experience, said Corsetto.  "ASHI is the 'gold standard' for the home buying consumer."

The ASHI Experience

The ASHI Experience is a technically superior home inspection that emphasizes customer safety and education so that homebuyers and sellers can make better informed purchasing decisions. As part of The ASHI Experience campaign, ASHI updated its Web site at to make it easy for users to locate an ASHI Inspector and to experience its industry-first Virtual Home Inspection (VHI).  An in-depth audio guide is the newest addition to the VHI, offering a more dynamic and user-friendly experience.  The VHI simulates an interactive tour of a home's 10 major systems, providing an overview of each area, along with photos depicting common problems and defects.  The systems include: structure, exteriors, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, interiors, ventilation and fireplaces.

Officers Named

Joining Corsetto, several other ASHI members were named to prominent positions in the organization.  Frank Lesh of Home Sweet Home Inspection Co., Indian Head Park, Ill., will serve as President-elect; Charles Bellefontaine of The Bellman Group, Bolingbrook, Ill., will take the role of Vice President; David Tamny of Professional Property Inspection, Columbus, Ohio, will serve as Treasurer; and Brion Grant of Northland Home Inspections, Inc., Flagstaff, Ariz., will serve as Secretary.

All share in Corsetto's excitement to build on the momentum gained in the last year and to work hard to maintain ASHI's position as the most respected non-profit association serving the home inspection profession.

For More Information

Celebrating 30 years, ASHI is committed to meeting the needs of its membership and promoting excellence and exemplary practice within the home inspection profession. ASHI's Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics are the industry standard, and its Web site is the definitive resource for inspectors, consumers, real estate professionals and the media.

Homebuyers who wish to know more about the American Society of Home Inspectors may contact the organization at 932 Lee Street, Suite 101, Des Plaines, IL 60016. Phone: 800-743-2744. Or visit the ASHI Web site at to locate a home inspector and for valuable consumer information regarding home inspections.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  A photo of Mr. Corsetto is also available and interview requests may be obtained by contacting Lisa Gunggoll or Christiana Brenner of Manning Selvage & Lee at (312) 861-5200.