With winter arriving, it’s time to prepare pipes, home heating systems

Originally published at Juneau Empire

As snow starts falling and temperatures start dropping, it’s time to take seasonal precautions, both the City and Borough of Juneau and Capital City Fire/Rescue suggested Tuesday.

A CBJ announcement warned Juneau residents about the danger of frozen pipes, encouraging people to leave a thin trickle of water running in the sink to keep water circulating. The announcement also encouraged residents to make sure crawl spaces are closed, pipes are properly insulated and heat tapes are plugged in and functioning. It’s also smart to turn off hose bibs, disconnect any hoses and insulate them properly, the announcement advised.

If a pipe does break, residents should contact a plumber or contractor, as the CBJ does not have the ability to thaw frozen pipes.

CCFR also posted an announcement Tuesday, on its Facebook page, urging people to have trained personnel inspect their home heating systems. Professionals will check to make sure that heating systems are functional and that they’re working as efficiently as possible.

Residents using a wood stove should clean their chimney, CCFR’s announcement said, and if people need a rod or a brush they can stop by the fire station and borrow one. Wood pellet stoves also need annual cleaning and inspection. Those who use heat tape to prevent pipes from freezing should double-check that they’re installed properly, as improperly installed heat tape can cause a fire, the announcement said.

Date : 11/15/2017