Sky’s the limit for new home inspection technology

Originally posted in the Parry Sound North Star

By Thom Morrissey

Conservation of energy is always a relevant topic because it can save you money. Before buying a house or getting into major home improvements many people decide to enlist the help of a professional home inspector. A home inspection is often done by a qualified individual following a checklist. It’s a procedure that will point out current and prospective problems down the road, for a new owner in many cases. Most of these are visual inspections but that’s about to change.

Thermal imaging is a tool that can help to find issues that may not be caught with only a visual inspection. Thermal imaging can point out insulation deficiencies in walls and ceilings, detect plumbing leaks, and even find HVAC (heating/cooling) leaks in ductwork. The special infrared camera and appropriate software will detect anomalies that may require a more detailed inspection using other tools (think: water moisture meters and thermometers, to destructive inspection ripping things out).

This specialized and expensive equipment can be mounted on a drone, (UAV - Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) fly around and over a building, check walls and roofs without the use of ladders or climbing and walking on a roof in a fraction of the time, safely. iSparks Solutions, a local company owned and operated by Sonya and Andy Felsman are using drones in a variety of innovative ways. Andy is licensed by the MTO and is a drone pilot and former building contractor.

According to Sonya, the information gained gives a 3D model of what it looks like and where the problem is. It captures images that use a colour scale to show temperature differences on the surface. iSparks goes through the house from above as well as inside. They have also done work for the MTO on bridges, looking for cracks in need of repairs. For Sonya and Andy the sky’s the limit.

From the pages of Parry Sound Sideroads and Shorelines.

Date : 9/21/2016