Sick Building Syndrome: Is Your Office Making You Ill? (Infographic)

Originally published by Paint Inspection LTD

Is going to office giving you headaches? And also runny nose, sneezing, and skin irritation? Does spending time in the office make you feel fatigue with body pains and aches? Then you are probably experiencing what is called Sick Building Syndrome. Some of your colleagues might not experience it or may have only mild symptoms, whilst for some, it can really go to levels where they are frequently taking sick leaves. It is not your fault, it is the fault of the building.  

Office buildings are filled with different contaminants like cleaning products, carpets, air fresheners, printers, and photocopiers, etc. which fall in the group of volatile organic compounds and then there are biological contaminants like mold, viruses, and pollen. When these are combined with poor ventilation, inadequate lighting, too much humidity, and unclean office environment, it can lead to what is called as sick building syndrome. These symptoms can be experienced strongly only while within the building, once you step out into open space, you may suddenly start feeling better and notice that the symptoms are disappearing on its own.  

It can be very difficult for employees to work in such conditions which can lead to frequent sick-leaves from work, which in turn can lead to drastic fall in productivity. Paint-Inspection has whipped up this beautiful infographic about sick building syndrome and all that you need to know about it has been explained in it in a simple manner. There are causes, signs, symptoms, how it affects productivity and cost to employers, and also some good tips on how to improve the office environment. 

Hopefully, this will help all those employers to know what measures to be taken to improve the office environment. It will also help all those people who work in such buildings and have no idea why they are falling sick frequently and have been visiting their doctor regularly without any good remedy insight. Maybe you should look into your office environment first...READ MORE

Date : 7/11/2018