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CHICAGO, IL – 04-02-2018 — Roof inspections were once a hazardous activity where life and limb could be at risk from fragile roofing materials, high roofs, and steeply sloped roofs. This made the job of thoroughly inspecting a roof as perilous as it was important to maintaining the integrity of the home.

Now, Chicagoland Home Inspectors have joined the drone revolution and added the futuristic technology to their roof inspection service. While the team of inspectors still grab a ladder to investigate potential defects in person, drones are helping them to now examine even the steepest-sloping roof or high, fragile rooftop for defects with ease.

The new service has already received a thumbs-up from its first customer, who was purchasing a condo in Chicago and wanted to find out if the roof had any major defects before making an investment.

“Drone technology is a convenient, fast, and safe method of inspecting residential and commercial rooftops for any kind of damage. I’ll still get up there myself to investigate when possible, but there’s no question that drone technology is making a significant difference to how we investigate” said Charles Bellefontaine, lead Licensed Home Inspector at Chicagoland home Inspectors.

“Not only is the inspection faster and less expensive for our clients, but it’s also a safer endeavor for our employees. We capture the damage on camera, along with  damage invisible to the human eye using attachments that detect where air and HVAC leakages are happening, offering our clients a better service at a better price.”

While roof inspections using drone technology to complement manual inspections are a recent development, they mark yet another use of the technology to make life – and home maintenance – easier for Americans. Like many others across the nation, Chicagoland uses a variety of modern technology and tools to deliver thorough, efficient checks that grant homeowners peace of mind – and home buyers the confidence that they are purchasing a dream home, rather than a money pit.

Chicagoland Home Inspectors also released a video which shows how drone technology allowed them to detect a missing power vent cover and cracked chimney crown in just a few minutes – despite the icy March weather – which can be viewed here.

“The attention to detail and professionalism are at the highest level – Charlie found issues I would not have thought about,” revealed one recent customer in a Yelp review. “He can explain things in such a way that even I could understand whether it was or was not an issue; I’m totally satisfied.”

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Date : 4/2/2018