Human tongues found in jars underneath home during inspection

Originally posted in the Metro

by Jacob Geanous

A home inspector was horrified after he found jars of human tongues and other remains in the crawlspace of a home. The gruesome discovery was made in a home in northwest Gainsville, Florida on Monday during an inspection of the house’s foundation. Investigators said at least six gallon-sized jars were found under the home containing formaldehyde and human body parts, which police say included preserved tongues.

Each of the jars was labeled with a name and a date. One of the jars was dated back to the 1960s. The house was previously owned by Dr Ronald Baughman, a former University of Florida researcher and professor who published studies in the 1970s and 80s.

Police said they are investigating whether the jars belonged to Dr Baughman and if they are related to his work, which includes research about oral cell carcinoma in identical twins in their tongues. Much of Baughman’s work appears to be related to oral health.

Human remains dating found in jars underneath home during inspection

A picture of the jars was posted to Reddit hours after the discovery was made by a man claiming to be the home inspector who called police.

‘Today I was inspecting a crawl space for foundation issues.

‘Once I crawled in I saw quite a few old children’s toys. Lots of old construction debris as well. All well aged, covered in dust, spider webs and mold,’ the user wrote.

‘Further in I discovered 8-10 plastic jars. I looked at them and noticed masking tape with a single name on each.

‘First names. Human names like Angela, Heather, Virginia, etc. I was going to continue the inspection, but … those first names didn’t sit right with me.’

‘I went back and found that one jar was rusted through on top.

‘Inside I saw a plastic bag and immediately what looked like small bones. I removed the bag and almost immediately realized it was actually a small infant child.

‘Her first name written on the exterior. The details of her little face were still very much preserved,’ the poster continued.

The poster later photos of a jar that he said ‘apparently contained human tongues.’

No charges have been filed in the case and police continue to investigate.

Date : 2/19/2020