Frustrated over fee hike

Originally published at Castanet


The Home Inspector Association of BC is calling foul after learning its members will soon face a dramatic increase in the cost of their licences.

Consumer Protection BC, which regulates the province’s home inspectors, plans to ratchet up licensing fees over the next three years, from the current $525, to $1,114 for new licences and $1,025 for renewals.

HIABC president Bob Hamm believes the increases are wildly unfair because they don’t accurately reflect what Consumer Protection BC actually spends to regulate his industry.

He is also frustrated because he believes a change in how Consumer Protection BC regulates the industry has lead to “weakened home inspection standards," even though the organization is charging inspectors significantly more money for their licences.

For more on what this might mean for homeowners, as well as why Consumer Protection says it needs to raise its rates as much as it is, check out the full story on Castanet's sister business news website, Okanagan Edge.

Date : 1/12/2018