FAQ's: Information about joining ASHI

How do I become a home inspector?

You'll need experience, training and expertise to perform professional-quality home inspections. In other words, it's not as easy as it looks. For detailed information, see Become a Home Inspector

How do I join ASHI?

Easy, fill out the online application or print one and send in.

What benefits do I receive as an ASHI member?

Please browse our list of 'What's In It For You'.

What are the membership categories and requirements?

Everyone joins as an Associate. As you complete the requirements you move up to Inspector and finally to ASHI Certified Inspector. Click here for a detailed description of membership categories and requirements.

EARN ASHI Continuing Education Credits. Each year, after your first anniversary, you are required to submit a minimum of 20 CEs from classes taken since your last renewal.  If you claim more than 20 CEs, up to 10 CEs in excess may be carried over to the next anniversary year.  Please submit your requested 20 CEs online on the "CE Claim Form" at www.ashi.org found under Members Only.

Where can I find information on the ASHI Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics module required to move up in membership?

Please click here

Where can I find information on the exam required to move up in membership?

Please click here

How does ASHI verify that my reports have been performed in compliance with the ASHI Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics?

You'll send a list of 75 of your most recent fee-paid inspections, from which we'll randomly select five and ask you to submit copies of those five reports.
They will be reviewed to verify they are written in accordance to the ASHI Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics.

How do I prove I have performed the required number of fee paid inspections?

You will receive a personalized affidavit of completion to sign, date and have notarized attesting to the required number of inspections.

Where can I get training?

The ASHI School
Learn by doing at one of the school's combination classroom and field training sessions.

Are you looking for quality home inspection education, but don't have the time to commit to a fixed class schedule? Then the ASHI-endorsed and Carson Dunlop & Associates, Ltd. designed comprehensive distance learning training program is for you.

ASHI ONLINE LEARNING CENTER Free Online education is available to ASHI members. Over  90 online modules in a wide variety of topcs are housed on ASHI Online Learning Center.  The modules are recorded presentations given at past InspectionWorld conferences.

ASHI Chapters
All members are strongly encouraged to join a local chapter. To find your local Chapter click here.

Other Education Providers
Many private firms offer training courses for home inspectors ranging from study manuals to live on site training. The quality varies widely. Some of those private firms are listed on our site here.

Is the ASHI@HOME training course required for Membership?

No. Neither are required, but they are the only two ASHI-endorsed education programs. The also can be used to obtain Continuing Education credits.

Is Continuing Education required?

Yes, All members are required to obtain 20 Continuing Education hours each year after the first year of membership.