About the House: Home is where the garden is

posted by Dave Kogan (9/18/2017)

Originally posted in The Sturgis Journal

by Rob Kinsey

Sometimes, the best part of a home really isn’t a part of i, so much as a place “in” it.

Sometimes, the best part of a home really isn’t a part of i, so much as a place “in” it. Like the dining room or the patio and deck. For many of us, it can be the kitchen because that’s often where everyone gathers. It might be a game room in the basement or the home theater for those who have the space.

For me, it’s where the food is served. That can be the kitchen counter, dining room, deck or even standing and wandering around. Sometimes, it’s the dock or the pontoon boat, but too often, it’s the desk in a mad dash to eat, work and get to the next thing.

Other great places are gardens. Whether they’re big or small, flower or vegetable gardens aren’t exactly part of the house, but they are a part of the landscapes, properties and, most importantly, lives. I don’t recall not having a garden.

As I was growing up, there were several places in the yard for flowers and we always seemed to plant a tree or two ’round about the neighborhood. When my dad was working long hours and usually far from home, he would have a small vegetable garden in a corner of the lawn. Some squash, peppers and tomatoes were sometimes the extent of it.

One year when I was rather young, I planted potatoes in with his vegetables. I waited and watched for an eternity. It was most likely closer to three weeks, then I forgot all about it. A lifetime later, he reminded me I needed to go dig up my forgotten taters so we could make a meal. I still remember being fascinated at how long they took to grow and how incredibly small they were. But did they ever taste good!

He and I canned tomatoes, potatoes, horseradish and all sorts of things, but mostly we ate the wonderful fruits of the harvest fresh for dinner. I just got done canning applesauce, tomatoes and hot peppers and still think about all of the meals where we just picked what was ready and stirred everything together in one pan and ate whatever it was, sometimes tasty, sometimes not, but always memorable.

Tomatoes are nearing completion now, then we’ll still be eating them green and fried, in all the best places About the House.