Become a Home Energy Score Assessor


ASHI Home Inspectors have an edge above the competition! With the Department of Energy and I.D. Energy Powered by Inspection Depot partnership, ASHI members can receive the Home Energy Score Assessor training and QA more easily and affordably than any other home inspector in the profession! 

 Currently, these are the steps to become a Home Energy Score Assessor:

1. Take the “Sim” Online Training

The Sim training was created for all computer skill levels and does take some time to complete (anywhere from 10- 20 hours). I.D. Energy will help you with the process by giving you the resources needed to complete the online Sim training when registered for their Virtual Mentorship program.  These resources include in depth videos, weekly webinars and access to other assessors on the Home Energy Score Facebook group.

2. Get Mentorship

The DOE requires that all Assessors undergo Mentorship, which means that the first home you score will need to be reviewed by a “remote mentor” through a live webinar.  This is not a test, but a collaborative and educational experience with a Home Energy Score expert that will answer all your questions about being an active and profitable Assessor, and will leave you fully confident in delivering this new service to your clients. 

Once you’ve completed the mentorship, you are ready to start scoring homes on your own. To comply with the Department of Energy’s requirements, all Assessors must go through Quality Assurance checks. 

 QA ensures that the Home Energy Score “tool” is working properly in the field, and it maintains the high credibility of the Home Energy Score brand by allowing Assessors a consistent source of feedback for their good work.  Quality Assurance for ASHI members will be provided by our partners at I.D. Energy, who along with the ASHI and the DOE developed a means of offering this critical service remotely, meaning that you will never need to interrupt your clients or your work schedule with visits by a third party into the home. Complete details of the programs and packages are available through

 Let’s get you started! 

Click on the link below to register for I.D. Energy’s “Fast Track Training Program” which covers all U.S. Department of Energy requirements and gets you approved with discounted pricing for ASHI members! Thanks again for your interest, and congratulations on choosing this exciting new direction for your business!