ASHI Staff

James Thomas, Executive Director 847-954-3182 | 
Spokesperson, Federal Issues, Leadership Support, Office Management, Financial Management, Staffing, Member Relations, Strategic Plan, Governance, HQ Oversight

Bonnie Bruno, Executive Assistant 847-954-3177 |
Assistant to the Executive Director, Committee Responsibilities, Coordinates Board of Director Meetings

Mike Rostescu, Assistant Executive Director, Director of IT. 847-954-3189 | 
Database Developer/Programmer, Network Services, Website Programming, Purchasing of IT Equipment

Financial Services

Toni Fanizza, Accounting / HR Manager
 847-954-3190 | 
Deposits, Bank Reconciliation, Financial Management, Human Resources and Payroll

Beverly Canham, Financial Assistant 847-954-3184 | 
Assists Accounting Bookkeeper, Batches, Accounts Payable for ASHI & TAS

Membership Services

Jen Gallegos, Membership Services Manager & U.S. DOE Home Energy Score Assessor Coordinator 847-954-3185 |
Membership Oversight and Member Services

Janet George, Membership Services Supervisor
 847-954-3180 | 
Membership Recruitment, Report Verification, CE Renewal/Audit, Affiliate Memberships, Membership Dues Billing

George Herrera, Membership Services Coordinator 847-954-3196 |
Inventory Upkeep, Equipment Service Contact, Assisting Membership Dept. with Member services,Mail/Shipping, Order Fulfillment, Orders

Michael Krauszowski, Membership Services Administrator 
847-954-3175 | 
Reception, Membership Recruitment, Member Services, Filling/Record Keeping, Data Entry

Marketing & Business Development

Dave Kogan, Director of Marketing and Business Development & Advertising 
847-954-3187 | 
Business Development, Non-dues Revenue Programs, InspectionWorld Vendor Management, ASHI Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising Sales (ASHI Reporter, First Thing, website and more); Trade Show Management. 

Education & Events

Michele George, Director of Education and Events, Director of Chapter Relations
 847-954-3188 | 
Education and State CE Approvals, ASHI Online Learning Center, InspectionWorld Planning & Management, ASHI CE Processing, Chapter relations liaison

Graphic Design & Digital Strategy

Kate Laurent, Design and Digital Strategy Manager 
847-954-3179 |
ASHI Reporter-Design and Production, Web Design, Brochure & Signage Design, General Office Graphics.

Chris Karczewski, Social Media and Digital Strategist
847-954-3183 |
Social media management, Digital Content Creation, Web Design

Juraj Ilavski, Graphic Designer
Logo Designs, Design & production of various promotional pieces.

Report Verification

Jim Johnson, John Hill, James Drabant