ASHI parallel inspections


This program was developed by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) to provide an opportunity for ASHI Associates to participate in real inspections under the guidance of an ASHI Certified Inspector.

A Parallel Inspection is...

An ASHI Parallel Inspection is defined in ASHI Policy 3.14A as a fee-paid home inspection conducted by an ASHI Certified Inspector with no more than two (2) Associates or Inspectors also inspecting the property and generating a full report simultaneously.

Upon completion of the inspection, the ASHI Certified Inspector will be required to review each ASHI Associate's report and offer suggestions to move the report into substantial compliance with the ASHI Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics. A checklist provided by ASHI must be signed by both parties attesting to the details of the inspection.

Parallel Inspections will qualify as fee paid inspections for credit toward the required number of inspections for ASHI Inspector Privileges or ASHI Certified Inspector status. Parallel Inspections will qualify for 1 CE per inspection (for both the ASHI Certified Inspector and Associate) for a maximum of 10 CEs per year. A fee may be negotiated between the ASHI Certified Inspector and the Associate(s) for this service, but is not required.

To Take Part in this Program...

ASHI Certified Inspector

ASHI Associates and ASHI Inspectors

Materials Available for an ASHI Parallel Inspection

ASHI Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics – A copy of this document was provided to you when you joined ASHI. Carefully review the entire document, taking special care to read and understand the Glossary of Italicized Terms.

ASHI Parallel Inspection Training Report – This training report can be used by ASHI Associate who do not have their own reporting software or system. ASHI Associates interested in purchasing a report software or system may view providers by clicking here.

ASHI Parallel Inspection Standards Compliance Checklist – This document should be used by the ASHI Certified Inspector to review the Associate's inspection report. It is similar in format to the actual document used by the ASHI Verifiers for the formal ASHI Verification of Inspection Reports. A copy should be retained by both the ASHI Certified Inspector and the Associate as part of their CE records.