ASHI Promotes National Home Inspection Month

Every April, America's home inspection professionals are encouraged to observe National Home Inspection Month. To view a series of videos available for this promotion on local TV stations, please click here or box below.

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The Value of ASHI Membership

ASHI works to deliver value to you for your investment of dues and time. Please watch these four videos showing you where your money is being spent and why membership in ASHI is so important.

No. 1 - Superior Member Benefits and Programs (43 MB; 4:00 playing time)
No. 2 - Internet Marketing Boosts Members' Business (44 MB 4:10)
No. 3 - Praise from Real Estate Professionals (16 MB 1:33)
No. 4 - National Media Enhances Members' Reputations (36 MB 3:20)

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ASHI Highlights

ASHI has been honored as the "Signature Story" for a recent issue of FORUM, the official publication of the Association Forum of Chicagoland. Click on the links below to view their front cover and the ASHI article!

Forum Cover (Pdf format)
Forum ASHI article (Pdf format)

ASHI in the Media

ASHI was highlighted in a piece on the Today Show on NBC, on Wednesday, December 29th, 2004

Link to view the video clip.
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Public Service Announcements

Below are listed Public Service Announcement videos about home inspection and the home inspection process. These are currently being shown nationwide.

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Video News release. (2:09) 22.8 MB

PSA 60 seconds. (1:03) 10.9 MB

PSA 30 seconds. (0:33) 5.0 MB

PSA 15 seconds. (0:19) 3.4 MB

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