2005 ASHI Fact Sheet


Sheena Quinn
Public Communications, Inc.


932 Lee St., Suite 101
Des Plaines, IL  60016
TEL: (847) 759-2820    (800) 743-ASHI (2744)
FAX: (847) 759-1620

Don Norman, President
Joseph Corsetto, President-Elect
Frank Lesh, Vice President
Bill Richardson, Treasurer
David Tamny, Secretary
Stephen Gladstone, Immediate Past President
Robert Paterkiewicz, C.A.E., Executive Director

The American Society of Home Inspectors, founded in 1976, is the oldest and leading non-profit professional society for home inspectors in North America.  The ASHI Standards or Practice and Code of Ethics are both recognized as the benchmark for the home inspection profession.  ASHI members convene regularly to review and upgrade their services and to participate in continuing technical education programs.

* To promote excellence within the profession and to improve inspection service through the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics;

* To build public awareness and confidence in the home inspector;

* To provide members and others with a forum in which to enhance their professionalism through education, an informed exchange of ideas and other related benefits;

* To interact with related professions, the legal community, and government bodies as the leading authority in the home and building inspection profession.

Membership in the Society is limited to inspectors who have met rigorous professional and educational requirements through testing and a membership review process.  Members are not allowed to actively engage in real estate sales or to have a professional interest in the sale, repair, or maintenance of any property that they inspect.  In 2004, ASHI rolled out new programs developed to ensure that ASHI members are providing the standard for customer service - known as The ASHI Experience - within the industry.  The goal is to educate consumers, so they have the information necessary to make a confident home buying decision.

Headquarters: Des Plaines, Illinois, USA

Category: Not-for-profit professional organization

Mission: Home Inspection Education via the ASHI Experience

Profile: 6,000+ members and 80+ chapters nationwide

Publication: The ASHI Reporter

Key Executives: Don Norman, 2005 ASHI President and Rob Paterkiewicz, Executive Director



Print Highlights:

* "Home Front," Wall Street Journal, May 14, 2004; circulation 1,888,621

* Additional placements (not full list): Newsweek, New York Post, Washington Post

* Total circulation for all print media: 130,746,250

Online Highlights:

* More than 13,500 Web sites link to either ASHI.org or ASHI.com

* Postings include: Building Online, HGTV.com, Money.com, ThisOldHouse.com

TV; Video New Release Airings:

* "5 Tips" with Geri Willis; CNN, CNN Headline News and CNN Financial Network, June 23, 2004; combined audience over 1.5 million

* Total VNR audience: 2,745,175; VNR media value: $122,616.00


* Total PSA audience: 5,142,342; PSA media value: $177,499

TV: General ASHI Mention Highlights:

* "Today's Home", The Today Show, Dec. 29, 2004; ASHI Inspector Joe Pasaturo showcased as the "expert" inspector: The Today Show audience: 6,000,000; The Today Show Media Value: $36,602

* CBS Early Show, March 4, 2005: Early Show audience: 2,521,000; Early Show Media Value: $18,239

* "Tip of the Day," CNN, since Nov. 2004; directs consumers to ASHI.org to locate a home inspector: CNN segment audience: 1,100,000; CNN Segment media value: $32,500

Media Quotes About ASHI

"So what's the best way to find a home inspector?"
"...The American Society of Home Inspectors" 
-- Matt Lauer and Janice Lieberman, The Today Show

"The only standards that exist for home inspectors are those established by the professional association of the industry, namely, the American Society of Home Inspectors(r) (ASHI)."
  --  Report on ABC7 News in Washington, DC

"Those who want to know everything that can go wrong in a home but were afraid to ask can now visit the American Society of Home Inspector's (ASHI) Web site at www.homeinspector.org for a "Virtual Home Inspection Tour."  Users click on an image of a house, then on different rooms, to get an idea of what goes into an ASHI-approved inspection."
Danielle Reed, "Home Front" columnist for The Wall Street Journal